The government agenda has many points in common with the M5S Draghi-English

(ANSA)-ROME, July 12-Tuesday Prime Minister Mario Draghi often between the government agenda and the list of policy demands submitted by the Five Star Movement (M5S) after an important meeting with trade unions. To continue to support Draghi’s national unified government, starting with a definitive confidence resolution on Thursday’s new post-COVID aid order, which stated that there was a “convergence point” in.

These points included labor tax wedges and minimum wage movements, which the Prime Minister emphasized.

“Today’s meeting with the (union) is heading in that direction,” he said at a press conference.

But he also emphasized that “the ultimatum government doesn’t work and doesn’t make sense,” and Giuseppe Conte, the former Prime Minister and M5S leader, either accepts it or leaves it alone. Mentioned.

“Without the M5S, there would be no government and no new Draghi executives,” the Prime Minister said.

Former European Central Bankers also seek new confidence if only President Sergio Mattarella sends the government back to Congress and fails the credibility test in the M5S threat of boycotting votes in a new package on Thursday. Of post-COVID assistance, he emphasized that he is empowered to decide whether or not.

Carlo Sibilia, a key member of the party, said as a sign that the new government’s move had responded to the M5S’s demands: “We demanded a minimum wage and Draghi announced it. M5S’s political action “Serious and effective. The new Pupit” means that league leader Matteo Salvini suddenly broke up with the former Conte administration in 2019 when he was seeking “full power” at the popular beach club of the Romana Riviera. Points to.

Draghi says the Italian union will be “fully involved” in the new social agreement by discussing the government’s plans to reduce labor tax wedges, introduce minimum wages and combat employment instability later this month. I asked for that. Italy is fighting the crisis of living expenses in the midst of soaring energy bills due to the Ukrainian War.

He said the government is “ready to act” on tax cuts and will move towards the minimum wage, emphasizing that collective contracts will continue to be the “pillars” of the system.

Draghi said he had to do more to help the working poor and said that the breadline wages provided a “dramatic number” for the low-income Italians.

He also called for “stable structural intervention” in inflation and said tax evasion should not be used as a way to increase income.

Draghi added that no new budget adjustments are needed “at this time” to cover new spending.

And he said the new government aid would not cause a wage price spiral.

These, as Dragi wanted the M5S threat not to oppose the congressional move to give immigrant children citizenship and partially criminalize cannabis cultivation. Said that tensions would not destabilize his government.

Labor Minister Andre Orlando said the government is working to link the minimum wage to collective bargaining, and meetings with unions also serve as the first exchange on how to use tax cuts to stabilize workers. Said that. (ANSA).

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