The government claims that theme park operators have never obtained a permit

In criticism that the Maya Train project does not have an environmental permit, the government argued on Monday that the Quintana Roo theme park and hotel operators had never obtained a permit for the project.

Environment Minister Maria Luisa Arboles accused Grupo Xcaret at a regular press conference with President Lopez Obrador.

“Xcaret is a group that prefers to seek forgiveness over permission,” she told reporters.

“We have not issued a statement on the environmental impact of any project or proposal. [EIS]..It’s a reality because we’re in the Ministry of the Environment [Semarnat]”Arboles said.

Individuals and companies seeking approval for construction projects must submit an EIS to obtain the required permits.

Xcaret operates several theme parks on the Riviera Maya in Quintana Roo, including the flagship park near Playa del Carmen, which opened in 1990.

Lopez Obrador said the construction of the company’s park had harmed the environment and wondered why the “pseudo-environmentalists” who opposed the Maya Train project did not oppose them.

The company said it “has a great deal of influence on the media,” claiming that some columnists have a cozy relationship with the owner.

López Obrador said Xcaret has one project under development near Valladolid, Yucatan. Cenote, “Or a natural sinkhole. He previously criticized the project while defending the 1,500-kilometer Maya Train against his allegations of irreversible damage to the environment.

Presidential spokesman Jesús Ramírez said on Twitter on April 27 that the “ravages” caused by Grupo Xcaret on the site of Xibalba Park are “eco-sides.”

“The company has made a hole Cenote, Detoured underground rivers and created artificial waterways. It’s a shame that environmentalists protesting Maya Train haven’t seen this destruction. No for predatory tourism development, “he wrote.

Cenote in Xibalba, Yucatan.

250 hectares of Xibalba ParkIncluding 8 Cenote, In 2020, Grupo Xcaret’s president and general director, Miguel Quintana Pali, explained that it was the largest project the company had ever developed. “It’s the most luxurious, the most spectacular and the most beautiful,” he said.

However, Semarnat closed the project in late March because it was built without environmental approval.

“No permission,” Arboles said on Monday. “What is temporarily shut down … [Xcaret was] Make some modifications to the environmental impact statement proposals they did not have [when construction began]”She said.

Despite Semarnat’s closure order, work continues in the Merida-based newspaper Xibalbaá. Estpo! Reported and provides further evidence of the obvious contempt that Xcaret has for environmental authorities.

Last Saturday, he saw a construction worker working at the tower at the entrance of the park. Fidelia Canché Cetzal, commissioner of the Yalcobá community where the project is located, confirmed that work continued on-site from Monday to Saturday.

Overall, about 2,000 people are working in the new 1 billion pesos (US $ 49.3 million) park. Estpo! Said. According to the newspaper, the project has been licensed for small-scale construction work, but Xcaret has allowed significant changes to the local ecosystem and is building a variety of equipment to accommodate visitors. ..

Contrary to Arboles’ claim Estpo! Xcaret said it has issued two environmental impact statements to support the construction of Xibalba Park. However, the claim that the project did not have and did not have a significant negative impact on the environment has been controversial.

In addition to criticism from the government, the project has offended environmentalists from conservation groups such as Greenpeace and Expedition Grosjean. Cenote..

Xcaret “is running the ecocide,” said Sergio Grosjean, the founder of the latter group.

“It’s bad from either perspective. [Cenotes are] By connecting them to the unique ecosystems of nature, the ecological balance of the body of water is disrupted, “he said.

“… Some people think they will participate Cenote You can improve them, but that’s not true. It upsets the balance and causes conflicts between species, “Grosjean said.

Despite concerns about the park and Semarnat closure orders, Xcaret appears optimistic that it will be able to open Xibalba in the not too distant future. The park already has its own websiteHere it is described as an “exclusive nature reserve” where visitors can “explore what they have never seen before”.

“After spending a day here, you will be deeply updated,” says the site. “It’s an unforgettable experience that only Grupo Xcaret can offer.”

In the report from By Est The government claims that theme park operators have never obtained a permit

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