The government has pledged to monitor the investigation into the murder of Brigadier General J.

I hope it doesn’t take too long and[the case]gets brought to court with full-blown prosecution and prosecution.

JAKARTA (Antara) – The Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Matters, Mahhud MD, reiterated the government’s commitment to continue to monitor the murder of Brigadier General Yosu Ahtabarat, known by the initials J, until it is complete.

“The government, through the Ministry for the Coordination of Political, Legal and Security Matters, will continue to monitor the incident,” Mahfud said at a news conference seen from the ministry’s YouTube channel on Tuesday.

After the police name the suspect, the government will monitor the public prosecutor’s office to develop legal interpretations and prosecutions proportionate to the suspect’s actions brought to court, he said.

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“I hope it won’t take too long and (the case) will be brought to court with serious prosecution and prosecution,” the coordinating minister said.

Mahfud also urged prosecutors to be in the same spirit as the National Police to professionally investigate the death of Brigadier General J.

“Prosecutors must be experts in handling this case with a formidable legal interpretation to help courts and the public understand this as an effort to enforce law and justice,” he said. said.

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Meanwhile, the Coordinating Minister also urged Brigadier General J’s family to remain calm and patient while investigating the case and bringing all suspects to justice with full trust in law enforcement agencies.

“I had always heard family statements, especially[Brigadier J’s]father, pleading with God’s blessing to ensure that the case was brought to light and dealt with fairly. Trust God’s justice to guide your efforts to administer justice.

He also praised the police, especially police chief Listyo Sigit Prabowo, who has shown to be fully focused on exposing and investigating the murders.

“The government commended the Indonesian National Police, especially the police chief for investigating and clarifying this incident,” the coordinating minister said.

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