The Government of Pakistan has submitted more than 107 FIRs to PTI leaders: Chaudhry Fawad Hussain

Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf leader and former intelligence minister, Chaudhry Fawad Hussain, claimed on Saturday that the “import government” (Shehbaz Sharif government) had submitted more than 107 FIRs to his party, local media. Reported.

In a meeting with reporters after the Islamabad High Court granted protection bail, the former minister said, “It is now commonplace for the importing government to submit fake FIRs to put pressure on political leaders.” rice field.

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“More than 107 FIRs have been submitted (to PTI leaders) nationwide. Today there was relief from the court. I thank the Supreme Court. He always talks about the rights of the general public. The court is a ray. It has hope for a repressive system. ”

Hussein argued that the government was using its power to suppress political opponents. “The fake FIRs and pamphlets are aimed at curbing the voices of opponents. They are also enacting the laws they have chosen. From day one, they have made changes to the FIA ​​and have a research team. After making changes, removing prosecutors, and setting up their own people. After selecting and abolishing the ECL, they are now planning to abolish the National Accounting Office (NAB), “he continued.

The former minister pointed out that Judge Maqbool Baqar (retired) had been appointed chairman of the NAB, but “he is an honest and respectable man, and a respectable man does not want to be chairman of the NAB this way. They have appointed them. They are supporters of Pakistan’s election committee and no one trusts the committee.

“According to News International, Hussein said his party is overseeing all activities and will not hand over the country to the Vice President of the Pakistan Muslim League.” We are seeing it all and the PTI Keep an eye out for everything that is happening. At the request of Zardari and Villawar, this country cannot be handed over to Maria Munawards. Sharif and Zardari’s family is a curse to the country. PTI will get rid of the Mafia. “

Earlier on Saturday, the Islamabad High Court granted Faward Choudhry and his brother 10 days of protective bail. Bail was given to the brothers for a guarantor of 5,000 rupees each, and the petition was subsequently dismissed, Dawn reported. The proceedings against Chaudhry and Ahmed were filed at the Mangla police station in Geram, along with 150 to 200 others.

Chaudhry and Ahmed filed a petition for protective bail at the IHC on May 25. There, Judge Asar Minara denied the plea, even though it was a day off.

Allowing Chaudhry and Ahmed to release bail, the court said, “The petitioner is granted protective bail without touching on the merits of the case and without considering the intention to surrender to the court of jurisdiction.”

“Rally participants were also equipped with weapons and threatened their lives,” the FIR said.

The city turned into a battlefield on Wednesday after the exiled Prime Minister marched a long protest against the current administration on May 25, demanding the dissolution of the House of Representatives and the holding of the next general election.

March after Imran Khan and his convoy enter the city and begin marching towards D-Chowk, even though the Supreme Court has ordered a rally on the ground between the H9 and G9 areas. Following that, there were multiple conflicts between police and PTI marches. Of Islamabad. The Government of Pakistan has submitted more than 107 FIRs to PTI leaders: Chaudhry Fawad Hussain

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