The government urged a review of the ferry ticket price increase to Pancor

The government should consider increasing ferry ticket prices from the jetties on Lumut and Marina islands to Pancor. This is said to be a significant rise for small resort islands.

Mohad Zamzuri Suid, chairman of the Pangkor Island Hotel and Resort Development Association, needs to investigate whether there are other measures that can be taken without high price increases, as it will be a burden for middle class tourists. Said.

“Pankor doesn’t have as much tourism activity as the other islands and has limited duty-free goods. Looking at Langkawi, there are a variety of activities such as cable cars that are worth the high ferry fees for tourists. Yes, so we need to consider this (price increase), “he said when he was contacted by Bernama.

Starting last Friday, ferry prices from the piers on Lumut and Marina islands to Pancor have risen, and one-way ticket prices have been reported to be RM7 to RM10 and for two-way adults RM14 to RM20. rice field. ticket.

Ticket prices for children have been raised from RM2.50 to RM5.50 one way and RM5 to RM11 round trip, but resort island residents enjoy the same price as the round trip RM6.

Mohammad Appendy Ramuri, chairman of the Pangkor Island Taxi Association, said the fare increase would not adversely affect or affect the arrival of tourists.

“Despite the price increases, we are confident that tourists will still visit the island, but fares from Marina Island Pier are not the same as traveling from Lumut Pier.

“Ticket prices from Marina Pier should be lower because it takes only about 10 minutes to travel and higher fuel costs than traveling from Lumut Pier, which takes 30 minutes,” he said.

He said ferry passengers from Lumut Pier could enjoy a variety of interesting sights along the way, such as the fisherman’s house, which would make tourists happy even with high ticket prices.

When Mohd Zolkafly Harun, chairman of Pera’s Infrastructure, Energy, Water and Public Transport Commission, was contacted, his party would meet with ferry operators and tourism activists in Pancall in the near future, further. He said he would take action.

“I was planning to hold this meeting for a long time because the operator wants to raise the fare, but there were other complaints from passengers about the ferry schedule.

“We arrange meetings and wait for responses from communities and associations on all issues arising from price increases. To get the best solution and determine situations that are mutually beneficial, they and consumers I need to meet someone, “he added. – Bernama, July 7, 2022. The government urged a review of the ferry ticket price increase to Pancor

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