The government wants an answer about football violence

President Nikos Anastasiades wants to see police reports on the football hooligan case. Meanwhile, a 20-year-old bystander, Everypides Frangou, covered 45% of his body with burns.

A few days after Saturday’s events, which began after rival fans clashed on the streets outside Larnaca’s Antonis Papadopoulos Stadium, the government intervened to seek an answer after criticism of indifference.

In a statement, government spokesman Malios Pelecanos said the president had instructed police to strengthen his presence in football games and showed the rigor needed to prevent further football violence. ..

“Unfortunately, the obvious condemnation of all forms of violence is, unfortunately. Necessary actions..

“As a government, we want to be clear that we face violence and misconduct, and we will be relentless to prevent the occurrence of such phenomena,” Pelecanos said.

Health Minister Michaelis Hajipantera has announced full support to the family of a 20-year-old man who was burned during a hospital visit paid to the victims on Wednesday.

The minister visited Frangou at Nicosia General Hospital, where he was treated on Wednesday, and received detailed updates on his condition.

According to his doctor, his condition is serious but stable.

In Cyprus, Israeli burn specialists are expected to investigate Frangou’s injuries.

Hadjipantelas hoped that the victim would recover quickly and assured his family that his ministry would assist in the requested manner.

The man was injured when fans threw flares and set fire to a nearby field before the match between Apollo and Anortosis Famagsta in Limassol on Saturday.

According to witnesses, the victim hurried to extinguish the flame and set it on his own.

He wasn’t in trouble, but he went out to walk his dog.

I didn’t immediately know what happened. Some witnesses said their clothes ignited immediately after being attacked by what was called a Morotov cocktail.

Police now say the man may have stepped on a combustible material thrown by a fan.

After the incident, politicians and law enforcement agencies have been criticized for their perceived “laziness.”

A video of a round on social media shows Apollo fans Throw a stone Do not intervene in supporters of Anorthosis while special riot police are watching.

No political support

Police officers opposed the allegations, and union official Nicos Roigides said the military did not enjoy the necessary support for political establishment.

In a comment to Kathimerini Cyprus online, Loizides said he couldn’t remember when politicians last came out to help executives.

“Our hands are tied.

“There is no problem of negligence. I don’t know what to do in such a case.

“In previous cases, members of the unit were accused of excessive violence and targeted by public opinion,” said Roigides.

He argued that the officer’s helmet number had to be removed because “the officer arrested in the game would later be the target of fans paying attention to the serial number.”

Two men, ages 30 and 22, were charged in writing after admitting their involvement in violence, but eight more are still being sought. Police have released their details and photos.

After a short rest of 2 years Coronavirus limitationThe soccer hooligan case is back.

The hooligans were supposed to be included in the “fan card” to help monitor attendance at the stadium and identify troublemakers.

But recent incidents are just one of many that have hurt Cyprus football for decades and prevented families from going to the match.

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