The government will not give up on flat tax and will consider streamlining gas for businesses in the winter – Romanian Journal

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Government sources told Digi24 on Monday that Romania would not abandon the flat tax because it was “forced by national reconstruction and resilience programs.”

At the same time, through national reconstruction and resilience programs, Japan has promised to gradually abandon the exceptions to the Fiscal Law.

“We are forced to reach that single allocation through PNRR, that is, to eliminate exceptions. We have excluded as much as possible from exceptions.”Say the source of the quoted information.

PSD proposals for the transition to progressive taxation were also discussed within the ruling party, but after discussions with the business environment and investors, it was concluded that predictability was necessary. “”The tax system will definitely not change in the next 2-5 years.The quoted source says.

Amendments to the Fiscal Law will be placed on decision-making transparency on Monday and the ordinance will be adopted next week.

Another topic discussed in the coalition government was the topic of special pensions. The PSD demanded excessive taxation, but Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucę demanded a “applicable and legitimate” formula in light of previous Constitutional Court rulings.

Liberal party sources claim that the prime minister did not oppose overtaxation of special pensions. “This is a false theme. PNL has never opposed overtaxation of special pensions in a coalition. The Prime Minister has asked the Treasury to create a clear and legal version...

The same source argues that the abolition of special pensions is the purpose of the PNRR that must be met. However, the possibility of overtaxation of special pensions does not include military pensions, quoted sources said.

Consider gas rationalization for winter companies

The government is also currently discussing some scenarios for gas supply next winter.

According to government sources, one option is to keep the gas supply to the population the same as before, but for large economies, the amount is limited.

Sources cited indicate that winter corporate rationalization will only occur in situations where Romania does not have the required amount of gas.

Romania currently has almost 90% of its gas demand. On Friday, Prime Minister Nikolae Siuka said it was essential to secure a supply of natural gas to supply citizens and carry out industrial activities in good condition, 10 of domestic production after the start of exploitation in the Black Sea. Many institutions and companies need to focus on improving production, storage and extraction capacity from warehouses. The government will not give up on flat tax and will consider streamlining gas for businesses in the winter – Romanian Journal

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