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The growing urgency of the Moroccan boy’s fate has been stalled for days.

The Moroccan rescue team worked all night until Saturday. This is the fifth day of an increasingly urgent and nerve-wracking effort to rescue a five-year-old boy, Rayan, trapped beneath a well.

Complex, slow and dangerous Earth movement operations have captivated the inhabitants of the Kingdom of North Africa and evoked sympathy for their regional rivals, neighboring Algeria.

Rayan accidentally fell about 32 meters (35 yards) on a tight empty shaft near his home in the remote village of Igrane, Chefchaouen, on Tuesday afternoon.

Rescue teams using bulldozers and front-end loaders have dug almost completely, but the last two meters are the most difficult due to the risk of landslides.

There is no information about the boy’s fate, but over time, the fear of whether he will live and recover increases.

Overnight, the crew piloted a heavy pipe in place in the area.

“We’re almost there,” said Abdesalam Makowdi, one of the leaders of the operation, adding that “fatigue has begun, but the entire rescue team is hanging.”

-Run through the darkness-

The cold of the glacier struck this mountainous and poor area of ​​the riff at an altitude of about 700 meters.

On Thursday, Moroccan media reported that rescue teams were able to deliver oxygen and water to the bottom of the well.

Thousands of people gathered around the site surrounded by olive trees, and AFP reporters said tensions were obvious. Some applauded to encourage the rescuers.

The shaft, which is only 45 centimeters (18 inches) in diameter, was too narrow to reach Rayan and was considered too dangerous to unfold. Therefore, the earthworker dug a wide slope on the hill and reached him from the side.

The operation made the landscape look like a construction site. It included engineers and topographers and was made more complicated by the mixture of rock and sand soils.

Civil defense personnel in red helmets may be hung with ropes as if they were on the surface of a cliff.

Under the powerful floodlights that worked non-stop in the dark and gave the scene dark air, they are also digging horizontal tunnels to reach the pocket where Rayan is, the local government said. say.

-“Move the mountain”-

“I hope my kid gets out of shape,” Rayan’s father told public television 2M on Friday night. “Thanks to everyone involved and the people who supported us. Morocco And elsewhere. “

The boy’s mother told Moroccan media that Rayan was playing nearby when Rayan disappeared on Tuesday afternoon.

“The whole family went looking for him, and we noticed that he had fallen out of the well,” she said with tears in her eyes.

The drama evoked online sympathy as the Arabic hashtag #SaveRayan is prevalent throughout North Africa.

“The rescuers are literally in the process of moving the mountains to save #Rayan. Their efforts are not wasted and people who pray for him can see their prayers answered. I hope, “writes one Internet user.

The boy’s fate was that parked cars lined up on the roads around the village, attracting large numbers of people to where supporters were camping.

Police reinforcements were sent and swarms of spectators could hinder rescue team efforts.

Authorities have called on the general public to “let rescuers do their job and save this child.”

But one volunteer said he came to help. “We’re here for three days. Rayan is a kid in our area. We won’t leave until he gets out of the well,” he said.

The accident reflects a tragedy in Spain, where a two-year-old child died after falling into an abandoned well 25 cm wide and 70 meters deep.

Julen Rosello’s body recovered after 13 days of search and rescue operations.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/709302/Increasing-urgency-over-fate-of-Moroccan-boy-stuck The growing urgency of the Moroccan boy’s fate has been stalled for days.

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