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The Heritage Commission registers 253 historic sites in the Asea and Hale regions

The Riyadh-Heritage Commission has registered 253 new archaeological and historic sites in the Ancient Relics Register as part of its efforts to explore, document, register and maintain these sites in Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Jasser Al-Harbash, CEO of the Heritage Commission, said that the registered archaeological sites represent building units and facilities with various patterns and large numbers of inscriptions, drawings, and old rock tags, 141 of Aser. In addition to some Islamic inscriptions and books that said it contained the site of Hail and 112 sites of Hail, its date dates back to prehistoric times.

Dr. Al-Harbash enrolls historical and archaeological sites in different parts of the kingdom in the National Ancient Sites Register before the Commission documents, digitizes and includes them in the latest digital registry. He emphasized that he is taking steady steps to do so. He called on citizens and interested people to report on the archaeological sites explored through the “Balagh” platform, the Commission’s Twitter account, and the Commission’s branch across the Saudi Arabia region.

He praised their role as a primary partner in preserving public awareness and national heritage.

The Heritage Commission relies on paragraph 2 of item 8 of the Ancient Museum and Urban Heritage Ordinance, which provides for “creating a registration list of archaeological sites” when registering newly discovered archaeological sites in Acea and Hail. bottom. —SPA

https://saudigazette.com.sa/article/619245/SAUDI-ARABIA/Heritage-Commission-registers-253-historical-sites-in-Aseer-and-Hail-regions?ref=rss&format=simple&link=link The Heritage Commission registers 253 historic sites in the Asea and Hale regions

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