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The important role of diagnosis in the medical ecosystem

It is difficult to underestimate the importance of in vitro diagnostics (IVD) in the healthcare ecosystem.

70% of all health care decisions are reportedly based on the results of sound diagnostics. Still, diagnostics make up only 2 percent of the world’s healthcare funding.

Roche Diagnostics became the first invitro diagnostics company to set up a regional headquarters in the Middle East with the goal of shining a spotlight on diagnostics.

“Roche Diagnostics Middle East is a cluster of 16 countries. We have a management center in the United Arab Emirates. We have 500 employees who want to make a difference in the quality of life of their patients,” said Roche Diagnostics Middle East. Guido Sander, General Manager, said.

Powerful diagnostic results enable healthcare professionals to detect the risk of illness, predict how the illness will progress, and make appropriate treatment decisions as soon as possible. “Diagnosis plays a fundamental role, whether early in the process of talking about screening potential risk groups or later in the process of talking about treatment and monitoring,” Sander said. increase.

He says the pandemic only repeated the diagnostic role in healthcare. “The pandemic shows how important healthcare is to a solid society. It emphasizes how valuable the dialogue between the various stakeholders in the system is. We patients. We are talking about healthcare providers, doctors, us as an industry, and our authorities. This deep dialogue with our stakeholders allows us to unleash the innovations we have as quickly as possible. In this situation, as a result of this dialogue, we were able to come up with many solutions in front of the patient, “says Thunder.

Roche is a 125-year-old company that leverages its experience to promote dialogue within the region, including through participation in the Dubai International Exposition. We used this platform to exchange views not only on diagnostic procedures and technologies, but also on value-based medical ideas. Thunder says. [recently] At Expo2020 Dubai, we talked about value-based healthcare with various stakeholders in the UAE system. It is important for us to work together to think about what is moving the patient, what information is needed, and what processes are needed to move the patient in the direction of value-based care. “

Roche celebrating 125, as Thunder explainsth The Celebrate Life-themed anniversary is a comprehensive encouragement for stakeholders to share insights and collectively promote healthcare diagnostics and progress in previously unfulfilled areas. Aiming to be a good company. “Hopefully, at some point, we’ll be driven beyond the pandemic to endemic, and there are many other illnesses that need our attention. All we need is stakeholders. With a commitment to promote ongoing dialogue and value-based healthcare discussions, there are many interesting projects here in the Middle East. Roche combines his diagnostic experience, but also covers the pharmaceutical sector. The combination of these two experiences can make a very important contribution to the medical system.

“Healthcare systems are under development and we need to investigate new areas, especially data management, information systems, and how we use them to make health care decisions. We are working with external stakeholders, such as governments and insurance companies, to ensure that these needs in the Middle East are met. “

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