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The Indian Embassy in Ukraine advises you to leave if Indians are not required

New Delhi: India requested the families of Ukrainian embassy staff to return home on Sunday and advised citizens to leave the country temporarily, given Ukraine’s “high level” tensions and uncertainties.

According to official sources, families of Ukrainian Indian embassy staff are being asked to return to India.

As tensions between NATO countries and Russia over the Ukraine crisis continue, the Indian Embassy in Kiev issued a new recommendation calling on all Indian students to leave the country temporarily.

The embassy said, “Given the ongoing tensions and uncertainties about the situation in Ukraine, all Indians and all Indian students who are not considered essential to stay in Ukraine temporarily leave Ukraine. I’m advised to leave. “

It said that for “orderly and timely departures” from Ukraine, available commercial and charter flights may be available for travel.

“Indian students are encouraged to contact their student contractors for the latest information on charter flights, and keep following the embassy’s Facebook, website and Twitter for the latest information.” Said the embassy.

According to official documents in 2020, Ukraine has a small but vibrant Indian community, with about 18,000 Indian students studying in the country.

Amid heightened tensions, Russia and Belarus conducted military exercises near the border with Ukraine. The exercise was scheduled to end on Sunday.

Some Western nations have warned that Russia is soon ready to attack Ukraine.

The United States and its western allies have severely criticized Russia for strengthening its troops near the Ukrainian border.

The United States has already sent additional troops to Europe to support its allies for fear of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Russia has deployed about 100,000 troops near the border with Ukraine and sent warships to the Black Sea for naval exercises, raising concerns among NATO countries about the possibility of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Russia has demanded a guarantee that Ukraine should never be allowed to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

https://www.siasat.com/indian-embassy-in-ukraine-advises-indians-to-leave-if-stay-not-essential-2279278/ The Indian Embassy in Ukraine advises you to leave if Indians are not required

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