“The job of Donbus is not easy.” The Kremlin plans to annex the occupied Ukrainian territories into Russia’s new federal district, according to Medusa sources.

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The Kremlin plans to merge the regions of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia in Ukraine and integrate them into a single federal district within Russia, with three sources close to the Putin administration in Medusa. Told to.

“The district should appear after a referendum on participation in Russia has taken place in these areas. Ukrainian territory does not join the existing district [in Russia]”One of these sources explained.

Sources also told the Medusa that the Kremlin’s official Boris Rapoport, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary for State Parliamentary Affairs, was used to oversee the creation of this new federal district.Lapoport Involvement In 2014, he worked with Putin’s aide and Donbus’ Pointman Vladislav Surkov in the Kremlin’s Donbus policymaking.

Within the Putin administration, Rapoport is known as the “crisis manager” and is best known for his involvement in the campaign for Kremlin supporters. According to Meduza sources, Rapoport salvage Alexander Begrov ran for Governor of St. Petersburg in 2019.

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According to Meduza sources, Rapoport is currently recruiting personnel to run regional and local government administration in Donbas and to run “civil military administration” in the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions. These same officials are expected to handle the preparation for the referendum when joining Russia.

So far, it seems that the dates of the two referendums have been discussed. The first is “mid-July, if frontline conditions permit”. The second “more realistic” option is September 11th. On the same day, Russia will hold local and governor elections.

As a medusa report In late April, the Kremlin is looking for a political strategist to work as a “political officer” in the Russian occupied territories of Ukraine (one source explained its role using Soviet-era terminology). Political commissar). This work is currently being “strengthened,” according to three sources close to the Putin administration. In addition, another Kremlin department is responsible for the recruitment process. It is the presidential director of state legislative affairs, led by Sergey Kirienko’s associate Alexander Harichev and his deputy Boris Rapoport.

“They are looking for people who have experience working with the opposition who can do a bit of unconventional operations because their mission at Donbus is not trivial,” one source emphasized.

On condition of anonymity, several political strategists have told Medusa that they have already been offered a position as a “political officer” in the Russian occupied territories of Ukraine. Officially, they will be given the status of deputy mayor with the task of “overseeing politics, public life, the media, and referendum preparation.” [and] Even social programs. ”

Two sources told Medusa that Boris Rapoport was already in Donbus and regularly visited the Kherson and Zaporizhia areas. One source also said Rapoport was the main candidate for the presidential envoy in the New Federal District. “Kirienko wants to manage the process and put his best friend there.” (Another Meduza source close to the Putin administration confirmed this claim, but a source close to the United Russia leadership did not.)

Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov did not answer Meduza’s question for this article. I couldn’t immediately ask Boris Rapoport for comment.

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The Kremlin has already prioritized Russian authorities in distributing jobs in the occupied territories of Ukraine. On Wednesday, DNR head Denis Pushilin fired his government and Replaced A cabinet with several former Russian government officials, including Alexander Kosmalov, a former deputy governor of the Lipetsk and Ulyanovsk regions of Russia, and Vitaly Kossenko, a former head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

“he [Kostomarov] I know how to break people and achieve what my boss wants from him.He comes in and brings even where there is resistance [everyone] On the heel. In fact, Kostmalov will be the Chief of Staff of Donetsk’s local “Kirienko”, “one of Kostmalov’s former colleagues told Medusa.

LNR Head Leonid Passeknic on Thursday Named Former Deputy Governor of the Kurgan region of Russia, Vladislav Kuznetsov, becomes Deputy Prime Minister.

“For Kirienko, this is a model area. He wants to show that Putin has a management team. He takes on such a complex task, [his] Sources close to the Putin administration emphasized. Sources added that Kiriyenko “wants to control” the “very serious flow of money” directed to the region.

He also said Pushilin of DNR and Paseknick of LNR could be replaced by Russian authorities in the near future. “Muddy locals should not ruin the distribution of [Russian state] Funding. Money has to go in the right direction. ”

The “People’s Republic” government did not answer Medusa’s question prior to publication.

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Summary translation by Irish heart “The job of Donbus is not easy.” The Kremlin plans to annex the occupied Ukrainian territories into Russia’s new federal district, according to Medusa sources.

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