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The Kaaba was adorned as a world clock on the new Kiswah Saturday

Jeddah: A female Saudi Arabian beekeeper has enjoyed a sweet success on the international stage after winning her honey gold medal at a prestigious world competition.

Heil region businessman Nora Shawi al-Shinmari praised the world’s highest quality cod (acacia) honey at the London Honey Awards.

This is the first time an enterprising apiary has participated in the awards system, she told Arab News: I couldn’t believe it at first, but it’s great to win.

“Continuing a good job and participating in more competitions has given me a great boost.”

The annual London Honey Awards Competition is by promoting high quality honey products in all respects to honey producers, producers, beekeepers, processors and retailers who legally distribute standardized products. The purpose is to notify you to maintain and improve the quality of your branded items. Its use and consumption.

Arsin Mali is the only female honey farmer in hail and is known in the kingdom as the “Northern Beekeeper”.

She and two other award winners have recently been honored by Deputy Governor Hail of Faisal bin Fahadbin Muklin.

She was encouraged to attend the London Honey Awards while exhibiting at an event in Riyadh. She said, “I was very encouraged by one of my beekeeper colleagues. I am very grateful to him, his nominations, and all the help he has provided.”

Al-Shimmari operates from the village of Al-Khita on the outskirts of Hail, where every day you can move the hive to different parts of the area to access the colorful and honey-rich Azel and Siddle of the bees. I am doing it. And acacia flowers.

Acacias are characterized by pollen-producing stamens, blurred appearance, small, often fragrant yellow, and sometimes white flowers.

To win her award, Al Sinmari’s honey was checked in the laboratory for humidity levels, sucrose and glucose content, texture, and other factors. The jury then evaluated the samples, and each jury performed a sensual taste analysis and marked the product based on criteria such as appearance, smell, and flavor.

To competitors around the world, including the United Kingdom, China, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries, she said:

“Beekeeping is about sustainability and the production of good honey. But my goal is not just this. I want to travel steadily. I still dream of more successes and achievements. This is just the beginning. I want to see my product anywhere in the world. “

Al-Shimmari has been in the honey trade for over 5 years, producing 11 different products and recently launched a skin care line made of organic honey and honeycomb materials.

Last year she was the only woman among the 33 beekeepers who attended the Hale Honey Festival. This event will help appearists sell their products while increasing investment opportunities.

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