The Latvian government will support the removal of 69 monuments praising the Soviet and Nazi regimes-Baltic News Network

On Thursday, July 14, the Latvian government approved the removal of 69 monuments, plaques, and monuments honoring the Soviet and Nazi regimes.

June 23 marked the entry into force of the Act on the Prohibition of the Display of Soviet and Nazi regimes and items praising their dismantling on the territory of the Republic of Latvia. According to this law, monuments, plaques, monuments, architectural or artistic installations, and other objects placed in Latvian territory, except for official museums or in the 1940s, meet at least one criterion. It is forbidden to exhibit at the venue. They praise the Soviet or Nazi occupation rights, events or those associated with them, praise totalitarianism, violence, military aggression, war or the ideology of war, or include Soviet or Nazi symbols.

According to this law, the monument in Riga’s Victory Park is also subject to demolition.

A complete list of objects removed from Latvian territory was created by the Minister’s Cabinet.

The National Cultural Heritage Commission, the Latvian Artists’ Union, and the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia have evaluated the objects to be deleted and then decided to delete 69 objects.

These objects are located in 23 municipalities in Latvia.

Most monuments are located within the territory of the municipality, often in areas that are rarely visited by residents.

The most famous Soviet-era monument is in the big city of Latvia. The Ministry of Culture reports that some of the objects that are deleted are in Liepaja, Rēzekne, and Daugavpils. Apart from the Victory Park monument, Riga has some objects that need to be deleted. This includes those of Major Parka and Rumbra.

Given that the National Cultural Heritage Board is still working on the list, it is possible that the list will be expanded and new objects will be deleted.

Some municipalities in Latvia have already decided what to do with the monuments and memorial shields to be removed. Some have decided to move them to Soviet burial grounds.

Meanwhile, the Daugavpils administration has decided to appeal to the Constitutional Court to challenge compliance with the aforementioned law and the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia.

Soviet monuments and their location in Latvia became a hot topic in Latvia after the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The Latvian government will support the removal of 69 monuments praising the Soviet and Nazi regimes-Baltic News Network

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