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The LG PURICARE lineup delivers fresh air on dusty summer days

When it comes to Saudi Arabia’s weather, indoor air quality is an essential focus and a safe haven to compensate for some unfavorable weather conditions outside the home. Especially during the summer, sandstorms and heat are challenges, and dust and sand particles can easily penetrate. With the aim of improving the overall indoor air quality of Saudi Arabian homes, LG’s PuriCare lineup features 360 ° air purification to ensure the absorption of unwanted particles. Clean air is everywhere.

LG air purifiers feature powerful HEPA and deodorizing filters that absorb pollutants and provide natural humidification to create the perfect atmosphere of clean air, quality and freshness at home away from the beach. It makes breathing easier and smoother. The 360 ​​° total care system includes a 6-step filtration process that removes various types of dust and harmful gases. The total dust collection & allergy care system of the purification device can normally remove more than 99% of ultra-fine dust particles by filtering not only allergens but also fine dust. Live odors, smog, and chemicals in the air are also filtered using a robust system, leaving not only clean, fresh air, but also safer breathable air.

LG’s PuriCare lineup incorporates a clean booster with a smart circulator that rises and spins to ensure clean air throughout the home. Ideal for sandy beaches outside, this feature reduces dust levels by 90% and is 24% faster than normal operation of purification equipment.

The air purifier also features LG’s famous ThinQ feature, making it even smarter to use. With the ThinQ app, you can easily access and control its features from anywhere, so you can prepare your indoor space in advance in case of bad weather during the day. In addition, PuriCare’s smart indicators use PM1.0 and gas sensors to give you an accurate picture of how clean or polluted your home air is.

http://www.eyeofriyadh.com/news/details/lg-puricare-lineup-delivers-the-freshest-air-for-dusty-days-during-summer The LG PURICARE lineup delivers fresh air on dusty summer days

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