The Long Weekend – Laugh for 3 Worthy Reasons

What happens when two couples head to the countryside for an unplugged weekend and their true feelings for each other provoke a rowdy act of betrayal along with a barbecue? It’s a comedy plot coming to Atlantis featuring big-name stars, including Kosoy, and the proceeds are used for three powerful purposes.

The two-act, two-hour comedy (with a 20-minute intermission), written by Norm Foster and produced by Hodgson-Kosoy’s 2Hoops Productions, was originally slated to hit theaters in March 2020.

“When the clock stopped, we were on our fourth day of rehearsal,” says the Canadian-born Bahamas, after a 30-year career in stage, film and television, including the popular weekly series Meet the Family. Said Hodgson Kosoy, who immigrated to ”.

In 2019, he co-produced the nightly sold-out comedy The Love List with Atlantis. The following year she was gearing up for her second production at Paradise Island Resort. The show promised her gutsy laughs and cynical sarcasm delivered at staccato speed.

Instead, COVID has brought the curtain down before it even came up.

“We had to think about how to get the actors out of the Bahamas, not how to prepare them for the show,” said Hodgson Kosoy.

Two years later, now with renowned local actor D. Sean Nottage in one of the lead roles, the show is in rehearsals and set for its opening night premiere and party on Thursday, February 16th.

“We’re really excited about it – to combine the cause we’re raising money with and the opportunity to enjoy comedy when we can all use a little bit of comic relief, and for the first night. For people, the grand opening of Paradise Landing,” said the actor/producer.

Paradise Landing is a subsidiary of the approximately six-acre redevelopment that, when completed, will create downtown Paradise Island with shops, restaurants, homes and the nation’s first purpose-built superyacht marina. The project is being developed by Sterling Global Financial, led by Chairman David Kosoy.

“We wanted this play to benefit a worthy cause, so it was a natural choice to choose one that has been scrutinized by Sterling Global Financial and is a pillar of social responsibility.” “The net proceeds will benefit The Bahamas Feeding Network, The Bahamas National Trust and Lend A Hand.”

Each non-profit will stay one night during the nine-night run and use all net proceeds from the barbecue and gossip comedy for that purpose. Performances will take place from February 19th to He’s from February 21st to 25th.

Writer Norm Foster OC explains the script.

Moving upwards, Max and Wynn invite ‘best friends’ Roger and Abby for a relaxing weekend in the countryside. said Foster.

It’s a battle of wits, said Hodgson Kosoy, who plays Abby, the couple’s wife who is invited to a new country cottage that “best friends” want to show off.

“The whole show is a hilariously tangled web of truth, deception, and surprise, leaving the audience guessing and laughing all the way to the final act. The sets may be new homes, but the scores they solve are old, It provides mischievous fun that will have the audience laughing out loud and reassuring that someone else is being tortured.

In addition to Hodgson Kosoy, who plays Abby, Nottage, who won a DANSA Award for playing jury number 8 in 12 Angry Men, has starred in several Shakespeare in Paradise productions, and has appeared on the big screen, is an actor. Included in He will stand in for Pierce Brosnan in the movie 007.

Having wowed audiences with his first sold-out show at the Atlantis Theater, Hodgson Kosoy has performed on various stages across Canada and as a company member of both Drayton Entertainment and the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. She has also been featured in a variety of Canadian and American films and TV shows, including recurring appearances in CityTV’s award-winning television series ‘Meet the Family’ and her award-winning short film ‘Pink’. . She also executive produced.

Also in “The Long Weekend” is Alison Lawrence, who appeared as Whoreen in Amazon Prime’s “The Lake” and in “Ghosts” (CBS) and “Murdoch Mysteries” (CBC). A prominent live her theater actress, Lawrence is also an author, author of screenplays, musicals, and the popular book Penguin, “Bittergirl: Getting Over Getting Dumped.”

Playwright and actor Steven Sparks has appeared on major Canadian stages from coast to coast, from the musical version of Little Women to Disney’s Newsies, and has performed in Warehouse 13 and Lost. Girl’.

Platinum sponsors are Sterling Global Financial, Sterling Hurricane Hole Ltd. and Island Site Development. Ticket prices range from $39 plus VAT to $75, Group rates are also available. The Long Weekend – Laugh for 3 Worthy Reasons

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