The man seduces the cat with a fish and kicks it into the sea.Anger leads to his arrest (video) update

The video shows a man seducing a cat with a fish. As the black tie Kitty approaches, he kicks it and falls into the sea. His friend is filming the abuse and the video will be uploaded to social media soon. Animal cruelty causes anger, even the minister in charge intervenes and calls on police and the electronic crime department to identify, identify and arrest the perpetrators.

The incident took place on May 1st at a tavern in Aidipsos on the island of Evia.

A ridiculous video shows a cat approaching a table. A criminal with a tattoo on his paw seduces and kicks one of the cats with a fish. His friends can be heard laughing as he tries to do the same with the second cat. No one tries to stop him and even disagrees with one.

The video and story was also published by Stamatina Stamatakou, a journalist specializing in animal protection issues.

The name of the criminal and the names of two men and women of his friends who uploaded the sneaky video were also revealed.

At first it was not clear what happened to the kicked kitten, as the video gave the impression that it had fallen into the sea and its fate was unknown.

A member of the local animal welfare association hurriedly investigated the problem and told the animal problem website. zoosos.grThe tavern owner said the two cats belonged to him and was confident that they were both fine and would help find the abuser.

As the wave of anger spread, the criminal young man uploaded some videos to social media and swore in really nasty words to critics, saying, “I’m a victim of bullying on the Internet.” .. He claimed that the company had some drinks before going on to “joke”. He claimed that the cat “falled 20 cm above the pebbles.” He further claimed that he was an animal lover who cared for dozens of stray cats and dogs.

The animal-loving Greek community was not impressed and continued to demand his punishment.

Early Monday afternoon, Minister of Civil Protection, Takis Theodorikakos, Reportedly He contacted a Greek police leader and revealed that all the protagonists of the infamous video should be found, arrested and brought to trial as soon as possible.

Under national animal protection law, animal cruelty is fined € 50,000 and imprisonment for 10 years if an animal is killed.

Civil Protection Minister Takis Theodorikakos posted on social media that the main culprit was arrested late Monday afternoon.

“Shortly ago, Greek police arrested a person who kicked a kitten and threw it into the sea. Violence against animals is unacceptable. The government passed strict legislation to protect animals from ongoing abuse. But in any case it’s a matter of humanity and culture. I’m deeply saddened by those who abuse animals and those who tolerate them. Congratulations to those who have raised the issue. The reason is now. It is in Greek justice, “the minister wrote. The man seduces the cat with a fish and kicks it into the sea.Anger leads to his arrest (video) update

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