The man unknowingly buys a house where his ancestors were once enslaved

Fred Miller purchased Sher’s Wood, a “scary house” less than a mile from where his mother lived in southern Virginia, as a place for family gatherings.

He knew little about the deeper and more profound family gatherings taking place.

When buying a house, Miller and his family embark on an incredible journey, unleashing a hidden chapter in family history and enslaving their own ancestors to the very property that was once a plantation. I discovered that it was.

The Miller family found important clues left in a dilapidated building with a tin roof next to a large oak tree that was once believed to have been used as a dormitory for slaves. They also found a forgotten graveyard in the trees marked by small pointed rocks.

The story is ““60 Minutes” by Leslie Stahl on CBS News..

Family search Served to solve the mystery as used by historians Virginia Slave Birth Index To find the key record.

The family told Stahl that the revelation of the family’s history was overwhelming.

Fred Miller sitting in blue in front of him with his family during an interview with “60 Minutes”.

“That’s true. That is, we all lived in the same area and passed this place and didn’t know that our ancestors were by our side all the time,” said Karen, Miller’s sister.・ Dixon Rexroth said, “60 Minutes.”

“It changed me,” Miller said. “It definitely changed me.”

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https://www./faith/2022/5/16/23075507/how-buying-a-virginia-home-uncovered-the-truth-about-one-familys-enslaved-ancestors The man unknowingly buys a house where his ancestors were once enslaved

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