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The Ministry of Culture has announced a grant for research focused on the establishment of the first Saudi Arabian state.

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Riyadh-The Ministry of Culture of Saudi Arabia announced on Thursday the start of a grant aimed at promoting the production and research of knowledge focused on the creation of the first Saudi Arabian state. The grant, entitled “1139 Research Grants for Foundation Day,” is given to qualified researchers and historians for their own research activities.

The ministry said grant applications could be submitted from Friday, July 1st to mid-August. Researchers can mail research papers with 10,000 to 12,000 words to grants@moc.gov.sa. The ministry has allocated an SR20,000 amount for each grant. If his research paper is accepted in a peer-reviewed journal or an approved encyclopedia, the researcher will also receive an additional grant equivalent to SR10,000.

The 1139 Foundation Day Research Grants cover four areas: Survey and research on the period from 1139AH to 1233AH. Research and critical research on historical materials and documents dealing with that stage. In addition to research dating back to the establishment of the first Saudi Arabian state, research and research on the role of the Foundation Day concept in strengthening Saudi Arabia’s national identity.

The ministry distributes a grant each year in collaboration with the King Abdulaziz Research Archive Foundation (Dara). This grant aims to support research and research related to the establishment of the first Saudi Arabian state by Imam Muhammad Bin Saud in 1139 AH / 1727 AD, politically, socially, environmentally and economically. Focuses on the entire side.

This research grant is intended for scientists and researchers from all institutions, including universities and research centers that specialize in social sciences and the humanities. The scope of the grants for the first year of 2022 includes various topics, especially the culture of the first Saud era, the urbanization of the city of Najd, the pre-founding Ad Diriyah, the poetry in Wadihanifa, hunting and environmental life. Social, educational and entertaining life in the first Najd era.

The ministry has set several conditions for applying for grants, the most important of which are: Applicants must have a master’s or doctoral degree or be recognized as having a solid previous research record. This year’s grant does not include fieldwork in addition to compliance with the submission date, so we will work on it. Applications after the deadline will not be accepted.

Researchers are required to submit a study summary in 800 words. You should also submit a study period that includes the reasons for choosing the topic, the methodology, the most important sources of trust, and the expected start and end dates. However, it must be within a period not exceeding 9 months.

February 22 Foundation DayndIs the official holiday of Saudi Arabia every year. The celebration was approved in January 2022 by a royal decree issued by the guardians of King Salman’s two St. Mosques. This day is an annual national event aimed at introducing the establishment of the first Saudi Arabian state with the capital Ad Diriyah by Imam Muhammad bin Saud at 1139 AH. He unified Saudi Arabia, gave them stability and security, and established a nation to promote education, culture and science.

By awarding these grants, the Ministry of Culture has strengthened the production of knowledge related to this important historical era in Saudi Arabia’s life, dating back to three historical, civilized and cultural depths in Saudi Arabia. Aiming to emphasize that for centuries.

https://saudigazette.com.sa/article/622450/SAUDI-ARABIA/Ministry-of-Culture-announces-grants-for-research-focusing-on-foundation-of-the-first-Saudi-state?ref=rss&format=simple&link=link The Ministry of Culture has announced a grant for research focused on the establishment of the first Saudi Arabian state.

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