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The ministry sends the name of an individual who illegally collected money to the prosecution

The Ministry of Social Affairs has stated that it will refer individuals or facilities directly to the prosecution if it is found to be in violation of the donation collection law.

A local Arabic daily newspaper demands that the ministry’s social development department charities and charitable departments need to take the necessary steps against groups of individuals who violate the collection of donations. I learned that I sent some letters to the prosecutor, a law to tightly control the money collected. This issue applies only to notified legal entities operating under the state’s umbrella.

The Attorney General said he had observed field teams involved in eliminating philanthropic breaches calling for donations on public roads and roads without the prior approval of the ministry, a serious breach. I emphasized that. Article 1 of the 1959 Act (59) issued to regulate the collection of funds for public purposes.

Sources said, “The above article is from the general public by any means by individuals or groups, even for the purpose of spending on charity activities, except after obtaining a previous license from the Ministry of Social Affairs at least a month ago. It is forbidden to collect donations. Specify the start of collection, the period of collection, the method, purpose, and the entity from which the money will be collected, and this step will donate in the name of a charity through illegal means away from the eyes. It emphasizes continuing to check the people who collect the information without prior approval from the state and relevant government agencies.

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https://timeskuwait.com/news/ministry-sends-names-of-individuals-who-collected-money-illegally-to-prosecution/ The ministry sends the name of an individual who illegally collected money to the prosecution

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