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“The most beautiful building on earth” opens in Dubai

Dubai: Dubai yesterday opened the Museum of the Future, which is touted as the most beautiful building in the world. The museum is a seven-story hollow silver oval adorned with Arabic calligraphy quotes from the rulers of Dubai. We take pride in Shake Zayed Road, the city’s main highway.

The impressive façade of the building was illuminated by a colorful laser light show at night, giving a glimpse of the crowd gathering outside. It was later officially opened by Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum. His vision for the future is recognized as the driving force behind the museum.

The contents of the museum have not yet been revealed, but the organizers said it would take visitors to the “Journey to 2071”, which would showcase design and innovation. Roadside signs described the museum, just minutes from Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, as “the most beautiful building on earth” before the opening of Gala.

It was recently added to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) flashy architectural collection and will take place after the $ 7 billion World’s Fair on the outskirts of Dubai on September 30th. Abu Dhabi, the UAE’s capital, is a branch of the Louvre Museum in France, home to another groundbreaking design, licensed by 2047 at a cost of € 165 million ($ 186 million) by 10 years last year. It was extended.

After French President Emmanuel Macron opened Louvre Abu Dhabi in late 2017, it attracted about 2 million visitors in the first two years before the COVID hit. The United Arab Emirates is a major oil exporter, but it also plays a major role in the fields of business, trade, transportation and tourism, and is diversifying to reduce its dependence on crude oil. – AFP

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/most-beautiful-building-on-earth-opens-in-dubai/ “The most beautiful building on earth” opens in Dubai

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