The most common problems and some potential solutions for the Spanish Travel Health app

Spain launched a digital travel health platform in 2020 as travel began to resume months after the blockade and restrictions in the early months of the pandemic.

Since then, anyone who travels to (or passes through) Spain Spain travel health Download the website (abbreviated as SpTH) or the app and fill out a health care form that includes a QR code that contains all important health and contact details.

This is mandatory for all international travelers of all ages, but does not apply to domestic flights within Spain and must only be completed 48 hours before travel.

Spain will apply travel rules on June 7 to allow vaccinated travelers from outside the EU / EEA to visit, allowing cheap antigen testing as well as PCR for EU travelers, etc. Relaxed restrictions.

Details: What are the new rules for all international travelers to travel to Spain?

Certificates of immunization and recovery for EU travelers can now be converted into travel health passports (Digital Covid certificates) through the Spanish Travel Health website or app.

But now that the Spanish border is virtually open, travelers to Spain are aware of bugs and strange wording that make it difficult to get a QR code.

The Spanish technology website Xataka first reported the problems users are experiencing.

A quick check of the review section of iOS And Android It’s clear that the app and some of the issues are recurring.

There were repeated complaints such as “crash and not open”, “waste of time”, “bad design”, “misleading English translation”, “do not save user data”.

Examples of these weird “Google” translations include translating “Países series go” as “Countries at Risk” instead of “Risk Countries” and “sanitario” as “sanitary” instead of “health”.

“It’s very frustrating that the QR code isn’t generated after 30 minutes of the process of filling out forms etc. The app keeps spinning,” wrote a dissatisfied user.

Another user can save time entering an address, including a box to auto-fill the address when the family is traveling together, or add a box to check if the traveler is a resident. We proposed improvements to save time, such as.

Many Android users say that if you minimize the app and use another mobile feature, you won’t see the data you’ve already entered.

Spain Travel Health App Issues

There have been some positive reviews praising the application, but overall, it’s no exaggeration to say that we received almost negative comments.

“Run it on your website instead of the app,” wrote several users.

Unlike the Spanish Travel Health app, the website doesn’t have a comment / review section, which may be good advice.

Our research makes us The following document by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Written in Spanish only – Describes some of the issues you are experiencing and how to fix them.

For other questions, they suggest sending them an email [email protected] Then you need to specify whether it is related to your website or app. If it is related to an “error” message, be sure to include a screenshot of the message you received.

Spanish health officials say you don’t have to worry if the online process doesn’t work. Until September, you will be able to fill out the form on paper and the airline should provide you with the relevant form. If not, it will be available upon arrival in Spain.

When complete, it will be scanned and included in the Spanish Travel Health database to read the document.

Here are some potential solutions to common problems with the Spth app and website provided by the Spanish authorities:..

I haven’t received an email or QR code

If you do not receive a confirmation email or QR code a few minutes after validating your health control form, Spanish authorities are advised to first check your spam folder for the next email. [email protected]..

I want to continue to fill out the form or get a QR code

The Spanish Ministry of Health recommends going to the first email they sent to you. Then go to their home page and click “Continue FCS Form” or “Get QR”. You will be prompted to use the ID and security code sent in the first email.

If you select “Get QR”, the QR code will be returned to the same email address you specified when you created the form.

I made a mistake when writing my email address, or I can’t find my SpTH email

If you enter the wrong email address, you will need to use another valid personal identification number (passport, national ID number, driver’s license, etc.) to start a new address. If you used the passport number above, you can create a new address. Create the form using your ID number or driver’s license number (use 12 if it is longer than 12 characters).

I misspelled the name or name

“Don’t worry,” says the Spanish authorities. “If everything else is fine and you have the QR code, you can use it even if the name is incorrect. Please note that we may contact you using that name. As mentioned in the previous point. You can also create a new form and modify it.

I can’t save and move to another section of the form.

If you can’t move to a new section, make sure you’ve filled in all the required fields with an asterisk * at the end of each box.

I made a mistake in the flight number or the number was changed

If you make a mistake or change the flight number, you will need to create a new form.

I don’t know the seat number yet

I need a seat number. It’s a very important area for us. Once you have the form, you can complete it, including at airport check-in if needed. Numbers and letters should be written together with no spaces or special characters between the numbers and letters on the seat.

This is not always the perfect solution for those who use low-cost carriers like Ryanair, which do not automatically issue seat numbers.

Which flight number do I need to use if I have multiple flights?

Use the flight number provided by the airline for your boarding pass. If you are traveling through another country before arriving in Spain, use the flight number of the flight to Spain.

If you have problems with your Android application

If you are using the Android app, please visit the Google Play app to check for updates and make sure you have the latest version installed.

“Also make sure you haven’t tried to create the same form twice (both on the web and in the app),” says the Spanish authorities. You can create a new form as described in the answer if you make a mistake when writing the email address above.

Again, this doesn’t necessarily address the issue of text disappearing when the app is temporarily minimized to access other apps on your mobile or tablet.

Read again: The most common problems and some potential solutions for the Spanish Travel Health app

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