The murdered man’s gun case ends

The illegal gun possession of the murder victims was officially closed yesterday.

Kevin Andrews Jr. has ruled on December 31, 2020 whether he must offer defense against allegations of possession of a 9mm pistol with six ammunition, Samuel McKinney. He was supposed to appear before the security judge.

Sadly, he was shot at the gambling heights fruit counter on April 22nd. But because of his tragic end, McKinney said he would have answered.

Evidence suggests that police were patrolling at gambling heights when they received information about being taken to a home in the area.

Police met six men on the porch and acted suspiciously. Police officers continued the search, informing the man that they suspected they were in possession of drugs and firearms.

Police officers found a firearm in a black plastic bag near the man.

As a result, they arrested Andrews, Vincent Newbold Sr., Vincent Newbold Jr., Darren Curtis, and Kareem Johnson.

In their police interview, all men claimed that Andrews had a gun in his bag.

McKinney resigned as Andrews’ co-defendant after discovering that there was not enough evidence to demand that he present his defense.

Inspector Timothy Bain has been charged. The murdered man’s gun case ends

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