The new bill aims to hire 300 police officers to monitor the flow of immigrants on the Green Line.

The Home Office and the Ministry of Justice are demanding that 300 contract police officers be hired for up to 28 months as the state is stepping up its efforts to tackle illegal immigrants across the green line.

Interior Minister Nikos Nuris has expressed dissatisfaction with the situation and has told the MP that irregular migrants are now calling the police and requesting police to pick them up.

A bill submitted to the House Legal Committee on Wednesday states that police chiefs can hire 300 contract officers under professional procedures, with an extension of 18 months and an additional 10 months. Requesting.

The stated objective is to ensure 24-hour surveillance of the Green Line, check for and escort irregular migrants, and secure a containment center.

It is not immediately clear whether officers can prevent the occurrence of crossroads because of the Republic’s duty under the UN Convention to secure the right to seek asylum.

In an urgent plea to the MP, Nuris said the problem was serious and no longer had time to spare, saying that 92% of irregular arrivals were crossing the green line. I added.

The cost of the additional personnel will be a total annual salary of € 7.8 million, but kitting them will require an additional € 1.1 million and the vehicle will require an additional € 1.2 million.

He added that in the first months of 2022, his ministry returned 1,645 illegal immigrants from more than 7,000 arrived.

The minister also does not want irregular migrants to stay in Cyprus and is instead fooled by those who advise them that they will arrive in EU member states and be free to travel within the block. Said. However, because the republic is not a member of the Schengen Agreement, irregular immigrants remain trapped on the island, Nuris added.

Despite the minister’s debate, the police union called for a permanent officer to fill the position instead. Kyriakos Charalambous, head of the union, said there were 600 vacant seats to fill, adding that Greenline units are likely not interested enough to fill, as they are only employed for 28 months.

Others have expressed concern that exiled employment procedures could lead to a lack of oversight and could lead to under-trained officers taking on serious missions in sensitive areas.

At the Commission, Akel MP Aristos Damianou emphasized that the standards of the people employed must be strict enough to avoid problems, especially if armed. He added that measures need to be taken, but the green line remains a stop line and should not be an external border in the eyes of foreigners.

The bill submitted to Congress is just the latest step in the government’s difficult path to tackle the surge in the flow of illegal immigrants. On Tuesday, Defense Minister Charlambos Petrides announced that a “see-through” 24-hour surveillance system along the Green Line would be operational by the end of September.

Elsewhere, Congress voted in favor last April Significantly raise fines for people smuggling into the republic.. This changes the law, and people who are paid to transport others across the sea in danger because the vessel is dangerous or crowded are no longer just facing misdemeanors. , Up to 12 years imprisonment and / or up to € 100,000 fines.

But other series of measures such as announcements List of “safe countries”, Crack down on fake students And others have so far failed to limit the number of irregular arrivals.

The government has consistently accused Turkey of instrumenting immigrants to the republic by allowing thousands to fly to the country and later arrive at Timbow Airport, which was occupied by student visas. I did-just cross the green line later. The new bill aims to hire 300 police officers to monitor the flow of immigrants on the Green Line.

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