The new book provides insight into efforts to save the Northern White Rhinoceros

A couple of Ljubljana-journalist, Boštjan Videmšek and Maja Prijatelj Videmšek, joined forces with photographer Matjaž Krivec to save the Northern White Rhinoceros. Their book, Zadnji Dve: Najin in Fatu (Last Two: Najin and Fatu), sheds light on the lives of the last two northern white rhinos, mother Najin and daughter Fatu.

White rhinos are endangered by poaching, war, illegal trade in wildlife worldwide, geopolitics, and climate change.

The last two: Najin and Fatu are stories about scientists’ efforts to protect endangered species. The BioRescue International Consortium, founded in 2015, focuses on IVF and stem cell procedures to protect the species, as the natural offspring of the white rhino is no longer possible because the last man died in 2018. I am.

Neither Najin nor Fatu can become pregnant, so scientists decided to use a surrogate mother of a related species of Southern White Rhinoceros. The first transplant of embryos should take place this year or 2023. If the procedure is successful, a functionally different species will be saved.

The white rhino, now living in the Orpegeta Wildlife Sanctuary, is a microcosm of human misconduct and environmental disasters, but the story still gives hope for reimbursement, a longtime correspondent for Dero and many foreign media. Bidemshek says. This is his seventh book. It came out at the publisher UMco.

Currently, about 16,000 species are recognized as endangered species worldwide, and despite the global efforts of scientists, their future remains uncertain. Technology isn’t enough to save them, the whole human race will have to change its way of life, Maja Prijatelj Videmšek warns. The new book provides insight into efforts to save the Northern White Rhinoceros

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