The new Hnúšťa museum promises fool money and underground tours

The history of the towns of the Gemel region is related to the mining industry.

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After installing the work piece depicting the pair of Blacksmith pliers 5 meters highNew educational trail, and refurbished Old “Turkish” bridgeIn the Gemel area, there is another tourist attraction, the Mining Museum.

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Introducing the history of the town of Hnúšťa, which is closely related to the mining industry. Exhibits in parts of obsolete mines and gold-inspired minerals are considered to be the museum’s most popular attractions.

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“The museum is the result of extraordinary cooperation between our town, the private mining company Gemerská Nerudná Spoločnosť, and the local citizen group Horná Rimava,” said Roman Lebeda, Mayor of Hnúšťa. My Novo Flood Website.

The museum is housed in a town-owned building. The reconstruction was completed in March. The building is located in Mútnik in the Hnúšťa district and is also home to the mining companies that are still in operation.

Underground excursion

It’s no coincidence that the museum opened near a mining company that is still in operation.

“We chose this place intentionally because visits to the museum include not only commentary inside the building, but also short excursions underground,” Lebeda explained.

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In addition to the excursion, the mining company will offer some exhibits to the new museum.

Fool’s money

Horna Rimava will co-operate a new cultural facility. Marianna Barashkova, president of the Citizens’ Association, said the goal was to focus on the production and mining of local minerals.

“Visitors will learn more about the use of talc and magnesite,” she said. Children will enjoy commentary on the fool’s gold, which is similar to gold, and is properly called pyrite, she added.

The rarest debris of pyrite is generated in Hnúšťa, which can reach up to 20 cm in size.

The museum should be open to the public during the summer.

Spectacular Slovakia Travel Guide The new Hnúšťa museum promises fool money and underground tours

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