The new initiative aims to create a compulsory universal service for men, women and foreign residents.

In Switzerland, all young men of Swiss nationality are required to serve in the military. Women and foreign residents do not need to serve. On Tuesday, an initiative was launched to create a universal community service obligation that includes women living in Switzerland and some foreigners.

Voting organizers must collect the 100,000 signatures required to initiate a referendum by October 26, 2023.

The plan aims to introduce universal community services, including military service, civil servants, or civil protection. It is expected to include work related to environmental protection.Foreign residents are also included in the proposal1.. Factors such as existing service tax exemption and in-service exchange income will not change.You can see the text of the initiative Here..You can see the press conference to start the initiative Here..

This plan will usher in two major changes. It will not discriminate on the basis of gender and will put civilians and military service on an equal footing, the organizers say.

The Federal Council is considering a similar idea, with widespread political support for some form of universal civil service. Members of PLR / FDP, PS / SP, PEV / EVP, Center, Greens, Liberal Greens and UDC / SVP have come out in support of this plan.

Currently, about one-third of the Swiss population is eligible for service. This initiative aims to expand the pool of new hires to almost any population by including women and the large number of foreigners in Switzerland, which are needed as the Swiss population ages.

It is not yet known if enough voters will support it.

1The text of the initiative is very open to foreigners. In essence, it will give the government a wide range to determine if and how foreigners are included. The roughly translated text states that the law determines whether and to what extent non-Swiss nationals serve for the benefit of the general public and the environment.

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