The new person in charge. Moscow officials fired the leaders of the city’s top three theaters in one day.Overview of those alternatives

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June 29, Moscow Cultural Bureau Rejected The heads of three theaters in the city.At the Gogoli Center, artistic director Alexei Agranovich and director Alexei Kavesev will be replaced by Anton Yakovlev and Alexander Bocharnikov (and the theater will be restored). Old name, Gogol Theater). At the Sovremennik Theater, the new art council will replace artistic director Viktor Ryzhakov, and Yury Kravets will replace director Tatyana Baranova. Iosif Raikhelgauz appears in the Modern Play School theater and replaces Dmitry Astrakhan. The official reason for the transfer is a simple contract expiration, but the timing suggests that it is not. Medusa summarizes who appears and who is in the Russian theater scene.

Gogori Center

In official documents, the Gogori Center is still called the Gogori Theater. This was known until 2012, when film director Kirill Celebrity Renikov took over the management. Under his leadership, the formerly mediocre Moscow theater has transformed into one of the most successful theaters.

Serebrennikov led the Gogori Center until February 2021.he Get off Immediately after being done Convicted Of embezzlement funds allocated to one of his theater projects. The court proceedings lasted four years and seemed to have political motives. Serebrennikov has regularly criticized the authorities in the past, and the prosecution was unable to do so. Proof His guilt.

Serebrennikov has replaced the actor, director and producer as the creative director of the Gogori Center. Alexei Agra NovichIts artistic career was revived by the theater.

Audiences and theater staff regarded Agranovich as a member of Celebrennikov’s team, who continued the mission of their predecessor. Alexei Kabeshev, who has been the theater director since 2017, remained the same after Serebrennikov left.

According to the Gogori Center itself reportIn 2021, despite the pandemic restrictions, the theater made as much money as the state spent, and even more in the first half of 2022. The average audience for this year’s Gogol Theater Show was 92% full.

In February 2022, Alexey Agranovich letter From many theater people who oppose the war in Ukraine. After the invasion began, Gogori Center actors stopped drawing bows at the end of the show. Instead, a picture of a pigeon appeared on stage.

The new director of the theater is Anton Yakovlev. Under his direction, the theater returns to its former name, the Gogol Theater. Yakovlev, the son of actor Yuriy Yakovlev, is a theater and film director. He has directed plays in many theaters in Moscow and St. Petersburg, including the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater, but he does not yet have a real breakout show.

The successor to Alexander Bocharnikov as director is Alexander Bocharnikov, a former director of Novosibirsk Philharmonic. Jakovlev and Bocharnikov have not publicly criticized the war.

Serebrenikkov characterized the personnel transfer as an effective death of the center. “Yes, the Gogori Center is closed. That’s it,” he said. I have written By telegram.

Sobremennik Theater

Director Victor Rizakov becomes Sovremennik Theater art director After the death of theater co-founder Galina Borchek in January 2020, he was artistic director for almost half a century.

Lizakov was one of the most famous figures in Russian theater in the 2010s. An expert in modern Russian dramaturgy, Lizakov is a Golden Mask Award-winning and renowned acting teacher. Prior to taking over Sovremennik, he led the Meyerhold Center for seven years and, in collaboration with Yelena Kovalskaya, opened a theater leaders school that produced many renowned Russian directors, performing arts, producers and critics.

After the premiere of a play called “First Bread” at the Sobremennik Theater in the fall of 2021, executives from a conservative group in Russia Complaints To the Prosecutor-General of Russia and the Moscow City Hall. At that time, Mikhail Lermontov, the chairman of the Council of the Ministry of Culture, said: [the country’s] “National security strategy”, but was hardly supported.

In February 2022, both Lizakov and Agranovich signed a letter expressing their opposition to the Ukrainian War.

Tatiana Baranova, who directed the Sobremennik Theater under the artistic director of Lizakov, has been replaced by Yuri Crabet. Kravets was previously Director of the Et Cetera Theater in Aleksander Kalyagin and was previously Deputy Director of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater. He also works as an actor.

Sovremennik will set up an entire arts council instead of hiring one artistic director on behalf of Lizakov. It is unknown who will join the council.

Modern play school

Director Iosif Raikhelgauz has been the principal of the Modern Play School since it was founded in 1989. Over the years many well-known directors have worked in theaters. This school may not be the most prestigious school in Russia, but it makes up a significant proportion. -Profile premiere.

Rykelgause often appears in the media and faces criticism that it indicates a lack of patriotism. 3 women in 2021 report Raikhelgauz tells that he has sexually harassed them.he Rejected Claim.

Leikergauz did not directly oppose the war, but ended his cooperation with actor Marat Basharov after Basharov expressed his support for the Russian invasion. (Bashalov’s previous admission he had Hit his wife It did not affect his position in the Leikergause theater. The Leikergauz family was originally from Odesa, and he is well known in the view of pro-Ukraine.

Actor and director Dmitry Astrakan, who succeeded Leikergause, began his career in the 1980s. In the 1990s, in addition to directing several successful films, he led the St. Petersburg Comedy Theater. Astrakhan’s work over the last decade has been largely unsuccessful.

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Summary translation by Sam Breeze Ale The new person in charge. Moscow officials fired the leaders of the city’s top three theaters in one day.Overview of those alternatives

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