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The next plan is to vaccinate children over the age of 5: health professionals

New Delhi: Indian health experts welcomed the Center’s decision to vaccinate children aged 15-18 years from January 3rd to COVID-19 under the threat of Omicron, children aged 5 and over. Said that he needed to be vaccinated. The government should vaccinate them.

“It’s a welcome decision. The next plan is to vaccinate children over the age of five. Dr. Dhiren Gupta, a pediatric pulmonologist at Sagangalam Hospital in Delhi, told ANI.

“We need to target not only children over 13 years old, but also 5 years old. That should be our next plan. If we want to accelerate the vaccination process, all pediatricians Should be allowed to vaccinate these children in their clinic, “he added.

“Most of these pediatric patients are tuned to go to pediatric clinics and can facilitate the vaccination process rather than limiting them to a few vaccination centers,” he said. rice field.

He said when asked about the Center’s announcement to give healthcare workers and frontline workers a “preventive dose” of the COVID-19 vaccine from January 10, 2022. .. We know that Omicron is increasing at a fast pace. Get a variation of this virus. Booster doses take about 3 weeks to make enough antibodies. Booster vaccination should start within a few days. Looking at the whole population, we should start it as soon as possible. “

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced earlier Saturday that she would begin vaccination of children aged 15-18 years from January 3, highlighting precautionary measures in light of the increasing number of cases of the Omicron variant of COVID-19. Did.

He added that healthcare workers and frontline workers have made significant contributions to keeping the country safe against COVID-19 and will be given “precautionary measures” from 10 January next year.

He also said that elderly people facing comorbidity have the option of being infected with a prophylactic dose of COVID-19 based on the advice of a doctor.

The Prime Minister said that 61% of the domestic adult population was vaccinated with both doses of COVID-19 vaccine and 90% of the adult population received the first dose. India launched the COVID vaccination drive on January 16th this year.

The prime minister said the move to provide vaccinations to children aged 15-18 could help normalize education at school and reduce the concerns of parents with children attending school.

Frontline and healthcare professional prophylaxis decisions were made taking into account the amount of time spent servicing COVID-19 patients. “Determining preventive doses strengthens the trust of healthcare professionals and frontline workers,” he says. Said.

Mentioning India’s Omicron infection, the Prime Minister urged people not to panic and to repeatedly follow precautions such as masks and hand washing.

He assured that the nasal vaccine and the world’s first DNA vaccine would soon be available for vaccination in the country.

https://www.siasat.com/next-plan-should-be-to-vaccinate-children-above-5-years-health-expert-2248073/ The next plan is to vaccinate children over the age of 5: health professionals

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