The number of welcome classes in Berlin continues to grow –

More and more refugee children and young people from Ukraine are attending school in Berlin.

By the Easter weekend, the number of welcome classes had increased to just under 50, with a total of 1025 students taught there, according to a spokesman for the education administration. At the beginning of the Easter holiday, there were only 27 of these special welcome classes. On Monday, classes will resume in Berlin after a two-week vacation. More than 1,105 young refugees will attend regular classes, according to a spokesperson.

“You can set more welcome classes”

The Senate is preparing for an ever-growing number of Ukrainian children and adolescents at school. “In the short term, we can set up more welcome classes,” a spokesman said. Berlin Mayor Franziska Giffy (SPD) said almost two weeks ago that quite a few Ukrainian children and adolescents want to go to school after Easter holidays. To date, the Senate has received more than 300 applications from Ukrainian teachers who want to work in the German capital. A spokesman explained that they were looking for more teachers.

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Date of issue: April 23, 2022

Last updated: April 23, 2022 The number of welcome classes in Berlin continues to grow –

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