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The one and only Portnovy-Adriatic Sea

Sophisticated beachside living on the Adriatic Riviera

It is located at the entrance to Boca Bay on the edge of the Adriatic Sea in Montenegro. One & Only Portonovi Is Europe’s first ultra-luxury brand outpost. Surrounded by one of the sunny year-round spots of the Adriatic Sea, against the backdrop of moat-walled towns and pristine coastal mountains, the resort is perfect for exploring Montenegro’s coastline and attractions. It is in a great location. With private sandy beaches, innovative wellness experiences by Chenot Espace, world-class dining by renowned chefs, and brand-famous intuitive service to guests, the eagerly anticipated One & Only Portonovi is the best of the Adriatic Riviera. It has been primed as a jewel.

Montenegro – New Riviera

With its winding coastline bordered by sparkling waters, dramatic mountains and lush forests, Boca Bay is one of Montenegro’s most beautiful bays and an undiscovered purpose that should be part of the European circuit. It is the ground. The sunny coastline is home to countless hidden lagoons and coves. Guests at One & Only Portonovi can travel between many secluded beaches and ancient towns that retain their original architecture and charm on the resort’s private boats.

The vast beauty of the region goes beyond the wonders of the earth, with countless adventures awaiting guests under the sea. A certified diving instructor will guide you through the ancient tunnels and cave structures of the Kumbor Strait and Clinch Cave, which were used to hide submarines and ships in the former Yugoslav Republic.

Montenegro’s wineries are a paradise for wine lovers due to their fertile land and unique microclimate, and are widely recognized as the best places for wine production, giving you the opportunity to discover the country’s long and rich history of wine production. Offers. Discerning wine lovers who want to explore the region’s unique grape varieties can visit one of the many wineries with intimate cellars and panoramic views, tasting everything from Vlanat wines to classic Chardonnay and Merlot. ..

The most covered address in the Adriatic Sea

For the first time in Europe, One & Only offers people looking to own their own part of the One & Only lifestyle the opportunity to invest in a permanent home in one of the most spectacular locations in the Adriatic Sea with One & Only Private Homes. Specially arranged and designed for unobstructed views of the surrounding bays, mountains and marina, each home is unique in One & Only Living, with ample space, sophisticated design, intuitive service and complete privacy. Provides various features. Each home has its own private beach, pier, secluded pool and private butler to meet all the needs of the resident during their stay.

Inspired by the culture, history and geography of the destination, each dwelling is designed to incorporate a magnificent façAdes, a majestic colonnade, and a gabled terracotta roof, a symbol of Montenegro architecture. The interior is elegantly styled, inspired by Kotor’s Baroque Palazzo and the nearby Venetian Perast Harbor, where owners can customize their villas to make them feel at home.

A four-bedroom 436-meter² villa, Villa Orjen is ideal for families, with its own private beach, roof garden and pier, providing the perfect playground for all generations. Villa Lovcen, on the other hand, reflects a love for Montenegro gatherings, boasting panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea and open arches leading to the villa’s own courtyard and private gardens. If you’re looking for the ultimate in privacy, you can find it in the blissful and secluded Villa Lumiya. A two-storey coastal hideaway within the resort, the residence has three bedrooms with private bathrooms facing a beautiful roof deck, each offering a private paradise of luxury and relaxation. Of the 10 villas available for purchase at the resort, all three are named after the three black mountains that rise from the Adriatic Basin and have great historical significance in the region.

Innovative wellness experience

For those who want to spend their time reviewing their serious health, One & Only Portonovi is one of Europe’s most comprehensive wellness destinations. One & Only Portonovi introduces Chenot Espace in an exclusive global partnership with Chenot, a leading health and wellness expert brand in the luxury resort collection that continues to enhance the wellness experience. With a space of 4,000 meters², it provides guests with an intensive and innovative journey to detoxify and reset the body based on the famous Chenot Method®.

A series of detailed diagnostic tests performed by professionals leads to the creation of a completely bespoke program designed to rebalance the body’s physiology, boost vitality and eliminate toxins. .. Chenot Espace also offers hydrotherapy and cryotherapy facilities, a sauna and steam room, an indoor pool and a relaxation area to make guests feel fully charged. Carefully selected rooms and suites are located directly above the space, providing easy access for longer program participants and ensuring complete privacy.

Gastronomy heaven

Food lovers are content with their choices at One & Only Portonovi, which will be a must-see culinary destination in Montenegro. Chris Mare, an award-winning executive chef who defends local producers and specialty farmers, introduces the taste and culture of Montenegro and the Mediterranean. A typical restaurant of the resort, Savior Serving Southern Italian cuisine with a focus on fresh local seafood and vegetables, you can dine indoors or outdoors with enchanting views of the Adriatic coastline and mountains.and Tapasake ClubThe atmosphere at the resort’s stylish social center is from the “cold poolside” in the sun to a more vibrant place to enjoy Sundowner late in the afternoon before the tempo rises on atmospheric nights all day long. Migrate. Contemporary Japanese cuisine complements a well-mixed cocktail, and resident DJs comfortably play the sound to suit a chic atmosphere.

One & Only Portonovi will open and welcome guests. It is easily accessible by car from the airports of Dubrovnik (1 hour), Tivat (50 minutes) and Podgorica (2.5 hours). All of these airports are operated by a variety of airlines and are well equipped to handle private jets. See below for details or reservations. oneandonlyresorts.com/portonovi

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