The only way to end the inflation of war is to end the war

The only way to end wartime inflation is to put an end to the war, Prime Minister Victor Orban Said On Friday’s public radio, the government announced that it would accelerate the development of Hungarian troops.

Hungary officially curbs the prices of certain products, but wartime inflation can only be weakened temporarily and partially by using these measures, he said.

He added that instead of imposing more sanctions, an agreement within the framework of a ceasefire and subsequent peace negotiations is needed. At the same time, he said, only Hungary has such an attitude.

The prime minister said the country was in a defensive position in the context of the war and it is not time to promote investment or even wages. Rather, my current goal is ” [to] Please allow the situation of war to set back our economic development and standard of living, “he said.

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Hungarian government allocates € 1.7 billion to protect utility bill caps

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Orban added that the government has promised to protect full employment, family support systems, utility bill caps and pensions.

He said Hungary would speed up the development of its army two to three times. “We have to pursue capacity building at a very fast pace,” he emphasized.

He said NATO had not yet faced the possibility of a “collapse of the Ukrainian front” and added that there was “every chance” for the front to approach Hungary.

Hungary’s defenses must be “fundamentally” strengthened by “superhuman efforts,” and “to ensure peace, military power must now be significantly strengthened.”

Hungary, which the Prime Minister claimed, was in a tougher position than other states due to the war in Ukraine and the “flood of immigrants.” He said 800,000 refugees have entered Hungary so far, but this year the number of people illegally crossing the border has exceeded 100,000.

Orban said border guards would be strengthened by “hunting corps” and the Home Office would organize its efforts and hire thousands of people accordingly. Borderhunters aim to follow “the culture that characterizes police today,” he said, adding that police are efficient and civil-friendly. He said the new arrangement could have a beneficial effect on the relationship between civilians and police, and on the relationship between immigrants and police. But if this is not the case, police may have to take a “slightly strict” defensive position, he added.

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Viktor Orbán orders the establishment of a new border guard

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Orban said soldiers and police had been dispatched to the southern border so far, adding that as the front approached the eastern border of Hungary, defense capabilities had to be strengthened. Soldiers must now participate in the implementation of accelerated military development, while many police are doing stressful work far away from their families, he said.

Regarding Ukraine’s status as a candidate for EU membership, which was approved by the European Council last week, Orban said Ukraine’s status would help strengthen the rights of Hungarians to live there.

Candidates are a “first step” and do not automatically mean the start of integration negotiations, he said. Kyiv must meet the requirements for initiating accession negotiations, including EU and Hungarian requirements for ethnic minorities in the country.

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Viktor Orbán: Hungary favors Ukraine's accession to the EU and refuses further sanctions

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“We are now in a much better position than if Ukraine is now demanding a candidacy,” he said.

Mentioning that Bosnia has not joined the group of EU candidate countries, Orban said that Western European leaders still lack a basic understanding of the EU integration of the Western Balkans, and fast-growing migrants These countries have been recognized by the club. Ukrainians said that would be the case, but for the time being Bosnians have not been recognized. “Still, we will continue to fight with Austrians, Slovenes and Croats to make this happen,” he said.

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Featured photographic illustrations by Zoltán Fischer / PM Press Office / MTI The only way to end the inflation of war is to end the war

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