The only way to move the trust agreement forward-Draghi-English

(ANSA)-Rome, July 20-Prime Minister Mario Draghi rebuilt the “trust agreement” established in the Senate Wednesday as the “only step forward” for his executives was reported on the government’s crisis. To do. “

The prime minister attends parliament after President Sergio Mattarella refuses to accept the resignation he offered last week because the Five Star Movement (M5S), an important part of the ruling coalition, failed to support the government with a vote of no confidence. did.

“Not supporting the distrust resolution is a clear political gesture,” said the former Governor of the European Central Bank.

“You can’t ignore Congress because you’re ignoring it.

“You can’t contain it, because it means anyone can repeat it.

“Cannot play”.

The Prime Minister upheld the achievements of the National Unity Government and outlined its ultimate future goals.

“Italy needs to say a lot about going beyond the EU’s unanimous principles and budget reforms,” ​​he said.

“But to do all this, we need a strong and cohesive government.

“Italy needs a new concrete and honest development agreement.

“Parties, are you ready to rebuild this agreement?” “We are in this room because the Italians have asked us.

Draghi said he was impressed by a series of “unjustified” proceedings calling for continuation from a variety of disciplines, including business leaders, college deans, and voluntary associations.

He said he was most impressed with his appeal for continuation from about 2,000 mayors and health care workers who were at the forefront of the pandemic.

He pointed out that the vote of no confidence last week is just one example of how the ruling coalition’s unity in support of the government’s agenda has declined in recent months.

Dragi referred to the government’s opposition to justice and competitive reform from within the coalition, and the revaluation and opposition to the property of the land registry sent additional military aid to Kyiv following the Russian invasion Rome. Form several quarters in.

Draghi told the Senate that his decision to announce his resignation was “as painful as obligatory.”

He added that President Sergio Mattarella agreed to the decision to refuse to accept his resignation and requested that Congress report on the government’s crisis.

Draghi will be draghi in early 2021 after Mattarella’s collapse of former executives to deal with the health, social and economic emergencies facing Italy in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic. I remember requesting the formation of a nationally unified government.

But he emphasized, “Prime Minister Technocracy, who has never appeared before voters (in elections), needs widespread support (from political parties).”

At the end of the speech, many senators applauded.

However, no M5S member of the House of Councilors praised it, and there were few representatives of Matteo Salvini’s league. (ANSA).

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