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The Rajasthan government has agreed to close the mining site after Sadhu fired.

Jaipur: The year and a half upset by the foresight over illegal stone mining in Bharatpur, Rajasthan, was stopped on Thursday after the state government guaranteed the closure of mines in the Adiva Drinath and Kankachar Hills areas.

Development took place the day after the forerunner Vijay Das ignited the issue.

Meanwhile, Sadhu was transferred to a hospital in Delhi on Thursday in a critical situation.

“Seer Vijay Das suffered nearly 80% burns and his condition is serious. He has been transferred to a hospital in Delhi,” said a Jaipur SMS government hospital source.

Another seeer was climbing on a mobile tower demanding a ban on mining activities.

Following Sadhu’s request to protest, on Thursday the parliamentary-led state government announced that it would issue a notice within 15 days declaring the area where the mine is operating as a forest area in order to move the mine elsewhere. ..

Alok Ranjan, a collector in the Bharatpur area, said 34 mines are operating in the Adi Badrinath area and 11 mines are operating in the Kankhachal Hills area. The mine was assigned from 2000 to 2018.

He said about 2,500 people were engaged in these mines and they would now be employed in different areas.

“This is the end of the seeers’ upset in the Pasopa area for a year and a half. A notice declaring the area as a forest area will be issued within 15 days,” Ranjan said.

He added that a detailed action plan would be prepared to develop the area for tourism.

As a related development, BJP President Satish Ponia formed a three-member “fact-finding committee” on Thursday to visit Bharatpur and submit its report to its leaders.

Alwar MP Baba Balaknath, former Minister Gajendra Singh, and former MLA Rajkumari Jatav are members of the team, according to a party spokesman.

BJP members also protested the stone mining issue to the state government outside the Bharatpur district meetinghouse.

“The parliamentary government in Rajasthan is anti-Hindu. The prophets have been upset about mining for 550 days, but they have never heard of it. Prime Minister Ashok Jerot is his on the matter. You should clarify your position. “

https://www.siasat.com/rajasthan-govt-agrees-to-close-down-mining-sites-after-sadhu-sets-himself-on-fire-2374316/ The Rajasthan government has agreed to close the mining site after Sadhu fired.

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