The referendum on RTVS charges and the SDS motion on changes to the STA law have been rejected.

Ljubljana-MP rejected a motion by the Democratic Party (SDS) on Wednesday calling for a referendum on the opposition’s own legislation to abolish compulsory subscriptions to the public broadcaster RTVSlovenija. It also voted against the SDS’s proposal to have the government, not Congress, appoint state supervisors at STA.

RTVS’s motion for a consultation referendum requires broadcasters to decide for themselves whether they have lost up to 250,000 viewers in the last decade, people will pay, and how much subscription they will pay. Was rejected by a 54:28 vote.

News Slovenia (NSi), an opponent of SDS, argued that Slovenia costs € 12.75 per month higher than other European countries and RTVS is less effective, but the Ministry of Culture has argued that the change is significant economic. Warned that it would have an impact and hinder its delivery. Of information in the public interest.

The government labeled the referendum proposal unacceptable and stated that the purpose of supporters of this idea was to financially ruin public broadcasting.

Meanwhile, Parliament also rejected SDS’s proposal for a change in the law of the Slovenian News Agency (STA).

With the change, the government and Congress will appoint four of the STA’s supervisors, but the change will also affect the rules governing government revenue from copyrighted photographs.

The MP voted against the proposal, saying the coalition violates its commitment to amend the media law to reduce political influence, increase public media independence, and secure stable funding for publicly beneficial content. Insisted.

In addition, the government argued that the proposal was not based on studies of government agencies’ implementation of public services and market activities, and in particular lacked an assessment of the impact of STA on the financial situation.

Many other counter-submitted legislation was rejected by Parliament today, including an SDS motion addressing rules on granting public licenses to pharmacies that were deemed unconstitutional in some respects by the Constitutional Court. The referendum on RTVS charges and the SDS motion on changes to the STA law have been rejected.

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