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The relationship between French populism and political Christianity

The far-right candidate for the Fire brand was offered his platform by billions of media tycoons, but with some ties.

In the first round of the French presidential election, just two months later, the trajectory of the campaign has seen a significant portion of surprises and disappointments.

Political discourse is certainly disappointing, as most right-wing candidates are reversing the far-right racist and xenophobic slogan.Polls consistently show that 30% or more I am attracted to one of the far-right candidates among French voters. Their themes are generally equivalent. They want to stop immigrants, deport more foreigners, and make the lives of an estimated 6 million Muslims in the country more uncomfortable.

One of the most popular far-right candidates for this campaign is Eric Zemmour. Born to a Jewish family from Algeria on the outskirts of Paris, Zemmour is a French controversy, critic, writer and politician. His rise in the French public sphere was accompanied by his controversial and traumatic statement, which led him to be prosecuted several times by the courts. Without repentance, he constantly gives anti-Islamic, racist, and sexist remarks to media controversies.

After studying at Sciences Po Paris Fail At the prestigious National Academy of Government (ENA) exam, Zemmour worked as a journalist for newspapers such as Le Quotidien de Paris and Le Figaro. After that, he became a television personality and appeared on an entertainment program hosted by France 2’s public broadcaster. After that, he hosted daily shows and began working as an analyst for morning shows.

Interestingly, in the 1980s Zemmour turned to the left. He is a Mitterrand enthusiast and voted for him in 1981 and 1988. But gradually, he started drifting to the far right. Journalist Etienne Girard Book About Zemmour, he claims to have struggled with his own identity because he was born into a disadvantaged family.he Claim Zemmour did not remove “a complex of classes that always urges him to seek intellectual approval,” as evidenced by his efforts to join a club of selected power.

Friends in high places

Zemmour has found a shortcut to climbing the ladder of society. His fiery critic was welcomed by billions of media tycoons Vincent Bolloré, who had his own political agenda. The latter gave Zemmour a chance in his life: a nightly show at CNews where Zemmour spread his militant message and promoted his political agenda.

However, this arrangement had a string attached. Bolloré, who is a descendant of the long pedigree of Breton’s industrialist from his father’s side, and at the same time connected to the powerful Goldschmidt family from his mother’s side, is active in many respects. He has long aspired to bring about political Christianity, which takes the lead in French politics.

Big game, frequent Called “conservative Catholic,” it has been a driving force for many years. via, Is a new label of the Christian Democratic Party and holds a prominent political position. But no one in their ranks had Zemmour’s ability to create media buzz. Therefore, a political marriage was sealed between this long-standing conservative Catholic and the non-Christian fire brand controversy Eric Zemmour.

Bolloré is expanding its acquisitions in the news media sector in addition to its hostile takeovers in the business sector. His portfolio includes television channels (Canal +, CNews), radio (Europe 1), magazines and newspapers (Paris Match, le Journal du Dimanche). Each time, Bolloré puts his loyal executor on the reins of the newsroom, limiting the scope of opinions that contradict his idealistic affinity.

Meanwhile, in this presidential election, Zemmour intensified his instigating remarks.For example, he multiplied statement He painted Marechal Petan, who led the French pro-Nazi Vichy administration, and claimed that the latter “protected” French Jews simply by handing over foreigners.

On another occasion, French President Emmanuel Macron was dedicated to the exonerated Jewish soldier Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish army commander who was mistakenly accused of being a German spy during World War I. I opened a museum. question Echoing Dreyfuss’s innocent, anti-Semitic dissertation, France’s far right and flirting Revisionism, Has attracted the wrath of many commentators.In the important part Release According to Haaretz, historian Robert Zaretsky said, “Zemour is a Jewish heir to a particularly vicious French anti-Semitic nationalism that was reused to target other minorities.” Stated.

Nevertheless, Zemmour’s instigation against the Islamic community is far superior to any of his other rhetorical attacks. From bitter attacks on Islam, to prayer calls, smears on rapists and migrant children as thieves, to pressure on Islamic women. make clear Zemmour, her hair on live broadcast, is far superior to any other candidate in his provocation.

Machiavellian movement?

But politics is full of surprises, and things can look different.Some observers Claim Bolloré implemented the Machiavellian strategy. Business tycoons recognize that Zemmour is a novice player who is neither an established political party nor an aptitude to run the country effectively. The bad economy is not what Bolloré, or the wealthy French class, has in mind.

From this point of view, Zemmour could be just a pawn in the game advocated to undermine Marine Le Pen and prey on the far-right vote. If such a move is realized, it will ensure Macron’s reelection and the plan will better fit Bolloré’s business aspirations. Bolloré, on the other hand, also benefited from Zemmour, as his media assets earned a significant amount of money from advertising caused by Zemmour’s controversy.

So far, polls seem to test this theory.according to PoliticoAccording to polls, Macron is stable at 24% of voting intent (compared to 2017 data). Le Pen (16 percent compared to 21.3 percent in 2017), Valerie Pécrès (14 percent) and Zemmour (15 percent) are all competing for the far-right vote, but united candidates easily beat Macron. can do.

These are just predictions, and many factors can force voters to vote differently on election days, but there is one thing for sure. That is, Zemmour’s campaign is more than visible.

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