The Russians attacked Odessa with a Kinjar hypersonic missile.44 civilian bodies found under the bombed building in Izyum – Romanian Journal

Attacks by Russian troops concentrated overnight in eastern Ukraine, with numerous explosions reported in the Lugansk region, which is vying for control of the two regions. Ukrainian troops withdrew from Popanza, now under Russian control. In the Donetsk region, the mayor of Slovyansk has announced that the city center has been bombed.

Shooting continued in Nikolaev, one of the cities targeted since the early days of the war. A Pentagon spokesman said in Washington that there are signs that Ukrainians have been forcibly taken to Russia in the United States.

The Kieu government is talking about more than a million people deported and imprisoned in camps. “I don’t know how many camps there are or what they look like. But we have the information that Ukrainians are being sent to Russia against their will.” THe said a US official.

Odessa was attacked by a Russian missile

Ukrainian troops report that a missile attack on Odesa killed one person and injured five others.

According to CNN, Sergei Brachuk, a spokesman for the Odessa junta, said three new Russian hypersonic missiles, the Kinjar missiles, were shot down from a plane and hit a “target of tourism infrastructure.” rice field.

Bratchuk did not identify the target of the attack, but CNN verified the authenticity of the two videos shared on social media. This indicates that it is causing serious damage to the hotel in Zatka.

This is the second hotel in the Odessa region that will be bombed on Monday. One of the videos was first posted by the Odessa City Council. It is unclear why the two hotels were the targets of the attack and who stayed there. According to the Operational Command South of the Ukrainian Army, the shopping center was also hit by seven missiles.

Zelensky asks for help to resume trade: Odessa does not operate a port

President Volodymyr Zelensky called on the international community to resume shipping wheat and take immediate action to prevent the global food crisis, saying trade in Ukrainian ports has been blocked, according to Reuters. Stated.

Wolodimil Zelensky said after speaking with European Council President Charles Michel on Monday visiting Odessa, the main port of agricultural exports in the Black Sea, where missiles attacked tourist destinations and destroyed several buildings. bottom.

“The port is not in operation in Odessa. This probably never happened in post-WWII Odessa,He said normal maritime life was hampered by Russia, which is affecting Ukraine as well.

“Without our agricultural exports, dozens of countries around the world are already on the verge of food shortages, and over time it can be a daunting task, politicians say. We have already discussed the possible consequences of the price crisis and famine in Africa and Asia. This is a direct result of Russia’s invasion and can only be overcome together by all Europeans, by the whole free world. It can be overcome by putting pressure on Russia and effectively stopping this shameful war. “ Volodymyr Zelensky has been added.

44 bodies found under the ruins of the bombed building in Izyum

According to Ukrainian officials, the bodies of 44 civilians were found in the rubble of an Izyum building bombed by Russia in March. Meanwhile, at least 100 civilians are still trapped inside the Azovstal ironworks, which are being bombed by Russians. Mariupol’s mayor’s adviser wrote to Sky News that not only soldiers are fighting, but at least 100 civilians are still there. The Ukrainian defense minister states that Russian troops are attacking with tanks and cannons and conducting “assault operations.”

Irregular Ukrainian flag resists Azovstal iron mill

The irregular Ukrainian flag is still fluttering over the Azovstal ironworks, where the last defenders of the port city of Mariupol have withdrawn and evacuated, Guardian reports. A short video distributed by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense shows an image that appears to symbolize the entire besieged country on the 75th day of the conflict. The Ukrainian colored flag is torn, but still hung in the factory. Politico journalist Christopher Miller said, “It’s damaged, but it’s persistent.” “The flag of Victoria isn’t somewhere in foreign capital. It’s flying over my land,” the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense wrote in a short image.

UK Ministry of Defense: Russia’s invasion plan based on false assumptions

In an analysis of the war on Tuesday morning, the UK Ministry of Defense announces the success of Vladimirputin, with underestimation of Russia’s Ukraine resistance and inadequate planning of the “best scenario” leading to obvious operational failures. It is pointed out that it is hindering. Important Ukrainian troops at the Victory Day parade on May 9th.

Britain states that Russia’s aggression plan was very likely based on the false assumption that it could meet with limited resistance and rapidly surround and detour the densely populated areas of the city. London states that, with this assumption, the Russian army sought to carry out the beginning of the operation with a simple and accurate approach aimed at achieving a quick victory at minimal cost. According to the British Ministry of Defense, this miscalculation led to unsustainable losses and a subsequent decline in Russia’s concentration of operations.

U.S. provides Ukraine with an additional $ 40 billion in aid

The Democratic Party of the US Parliament has agreed to provide Ukraine with an additional $ 39.8 billion, citing sources close to the talks, according to Reuters. On April 28, Joe Biden asked Congress for $ 33 billion to support Ukraine, including more than $ 20 billion in military aid. The new proposal includes an additional $ 3.4 billion in military aid and $ 3.4 billion in humanitarian aid, sources said.

On Monday, President Joe Biden called on Congress to pass Ukraine’s aid law “immediately” and warned for the first time that existing aid would no longer be “about 10 days.” Democrats and Republicans have said they will support more aid to Ukraine and approve emergency funding quickly, but should include additional funding to improve Covid-19 or tighter control over immigrants. Delayed by debate between the parties as to whether it should be included.

German FM visits Bucha

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock arrived in Ukraine on Tuesday, according to Reuters. This is the most important German official to visit Ukraine since the Russian invasion began on February 24th. She. She visited Bucha, one of the places where Russians committed war crimes.

Charles Michel meets Ukrainian Prime Minister in anti-aircraft shelter

The moment the European Council President Charles Michel, who was visiting Odessa on Monday, was evacuated to an anti-aircraft shelter as the Russians launched a new attack was captured by the camera. During a meeting with Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, “Participants had to suspend a meeting to evacuate while Michelle again attacks the area.” Image of two people talking at a shelter Was published on Twitter by the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Ursula von der Leyen announces “progress” after dinner with Victor Oban discussing EU embargo on Russian oil

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Sijart said progress was made on imposing a European import ban after a meeting between EU officials and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Monday. Stated. However, Budapest’s diplomatic director reiterated the idea that banning Russia’s oil “in its current form” meant “launching an atomic bomb on the Hungarian economy.” Budapest has so far blocked embargoes because such sanctions on Moscow affect Hungary’s energy security. The Russians attacked Odessa with a Kinjar hypersonic missile.44 civilian bodies found under the bombed building in Izyum – Romanian Journal

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