The school portal is on track –

Education According to Senator Astrid Sabine Busse, the Berlin school portal has been growing steadily since its launch in May 2021.

“We are heading in the right direction,” said an SPD politician during a visit to the school on Thursday (June 30, 2022). The portal will be a central component for the digitization of schools in Berlin. After one-time registration, the school will have access to, for example, learning platforms, educational media and services. Teachers, students and educational staff can all use the portal.

Offers already widely used in Berlin schools

“In the initial development phase, the school portal will provide public schools in Berlin with free access to the two learning platforms we recommend,” Busse said. Currently, more than 500 of the approximately 700 public schools use services provided, such as teaching materials and digital learning space apps.

Further expansion of the school portal is planned

According to the information, the portal registers about 12,000 registrations per day. It also integrates math learning tools, conferencing tools, and a parent portal. According to the Senate Ministry of Education, there are plans to further expand the portal.

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Date of issue: 1. July 2022

Last updated: 1. July 2022 The school portal is on track –

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