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The “significant achievements” of the Qatar Post across many levels in 2021

The Qatar Postal Services Company (Qatar Post) made remarkable progress in 2021 and continued to strengthen its internal resources, transform postal services, improve the customer experience and improve the postal service.
“All of these efforts are within a comprehensive strategy of adopting the latest international standards, applying new technologies and meeting evolving customer needs. These achievements range from different levels. “The company said in a statement yesterday.

Regarding customer service, Qatar Post has set up an in-house call center to control and control the quality of customer service. In particular, this allows customers to communicate directly with Qatar Post employees through government infrastructure.
According to a report by the Universal Postal Union, in 2021, the Qatar Post rose its performance index to become the third largest in the world, reaching 96.7%. This is the result of achieving a record high of 96.90% (the initial target was 88%).
In addition, Qatar’s Express Mail has achieved the 5th highest performance rating in the world based on the company’s commitment to improve the standard of postal service and achieve the highest level of quality of service that exceeds all goals. According to Universal Postal Union indicators, Premium Post performance was 99.82% and 99.53% for incoming and outgoing email during the period.
Last year, Qatar became a member of the UPU Board of Directors of South Asia and Oceania following the elections that took place in parallel with the 27th World Postal Conference in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, August 9-27, 2021. became.
As the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 approaches, the Qatar Post has continued its mission to record major Qatar events and events through the unique issue of postage stamps. Under a cooperation agreement with FIFA, the Qatar Post has been appointed as the exclusive provider of stamps for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and has released several stamps for the tournament. The first stamp was the official tournament stamp. It is the first stamp in the form of a map of Qatar and bears the official tournament logo. This was followed by a set of World Cup stadium stamps.
In addition, the Qatar Post has issued official stamps for the state-sponsored FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021. We have also issued a new set of classic stamps for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. It highlights the history of football from 2010 to 2018 through elaborately designed stamps featuring the countries that have hosted the last three World Cup tournaments.
These issues have been brought about as part of Qatar Post’s efforts to design stamps that highlight Qatar’s rich heritage and long history, and Qatar’s football journey. In addition to the history of the World Cup and the stadium hosting the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 match, it will emphasize the opening and closing ceremonies, support the success of the tournament and promote the tournament both locally and globally.
Similarly, the Qatar Post continues to leverage its resources and prominent associates to support Qatar and the international sports sector. We have successfully delivered more than 12,000 fancards in the 2021 Amir Cup final and more than 34,000 fancards in the FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021. Beside the 2021 Arab Cup, a service to collect lost items and return them to fans has started. It covers 6 stadiums with a total of 32 games and 33 information points.
Regarding e-commerce services, several unique Qatar post products have been launched, including PO Box special numbers and a new international shipping service, Connected (Turkey). The Qatar Post has helped companies grow their business volume and customer base by expanding the distribution of e-commerce items locally and internationally to meet customer needs and the growth of this market.
In 2021, Qatar Post successfully delivered over 170,000 e-commerce items to its customers. Home services exceeded 3,237,184 deliveries, including more than 1,696,000 Metrash2 shipments, 235,000 VIP shipments, and 100,000 deliveries of pharmaceuticals and medical materials to patients. Approximately 779,000 mail items were delivered domestically and internationally, and 95,000 legal notices were submitted to Qatar courts. Delivery of groceries, household goods and consumer goods has increased from 300 items to 800 items per day.
Qatar Post is committed to creating the best possible work environment for our staff through training programs that enhance their capabilities and provide them with the expertise and skills to do their jobs efficiently. Hosted 114 programs offering 1,550 training days, exceeding the goal of 1,300 days. On the safety side, these efforts have paid off, with over 2,000 hours of work completed without labor-related injuries.
Thanks to these initiatives, the Qatar Post has been able to obtain some international recognition and certification.
?? ISO39001 certification for road safety management, confirming its leading position as the first logistics company in Qatar with this international certificate, the first renewal of the international certification of integrated management system.
?? ISO 9001 for overall control quality.
?? Occupational safety and health management system ISO 45001.
?? ISO 14001, the most popular environmental management system in the world.
?? Second update of ISO27001 international certification for information system security.
?? Consumption of important resources such as water and electricity in Qatar Post has decreased by 10% compared to 2020.
In terms of digital services, Qatar Post has successfully completed a key system integration program by linking data and reporting, resource management, postal services, billing, and customer service systems with digital channels. We have begun implementing a digital archive system with the aim of creating an environmentally friendly paperless company, reducing the risk of lost or damaged paper documents and facilitating the process of safe replacement.
You have launched an inbound and outbound application with new features such as inbound and outbound requests via the application, online chat conversations or sending inquiries via WhatsApp. This reduced customer calls by 20%. In addition, 30,000 new addresses were collected and 80,000 messages were received.
Qatar Post also integrates several tools and technologies related to business intelligence and is used to explore and analyze data about operational, branch and retail location. The Analytical Control Panel is established to maximize enterprise resources, focus on cost savings, improve quality of service, and use accurate data to inform decisions to set strategies for future planning. it was done. In this operational area, we also saw the launch of a delivery API that enables customers to more effectively create and manage orders through e-delivery service applications integrated with e-commerce platforms.
Qatar Post has developed special applications such as “Lostand Found” at the FIFA Arab Cup. We also offered our customers the option of cash on delivery services, various payments with Visa cards, and contactless bank cards supported by NFC technology.
Falehal-Nuaimi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Postal Services, said: We aim to reach the high level of distinction, diversity and accuracy that our customers expect. These efforts are in line with the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030, and our ambitious effort is to be one of the leading postal companies and a trusted partner for everyone.
“We are moving forward to reach our future goals through a number of axes-based strategies, most importantly expanding digital technology, enhancing our service portfolio and customer experience, and new levels of talent. Supporting and improving the efficiency of our organization.
“I would like to thank and thank the Qatar Post Team for their efforts and dedication. I am honored that all the achievements achieved are the result of their efforts and the natural consequences of their commitment. I think. We want more to join the ranks of our major international competitors. “

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