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The SP motto “jozameenkhali, woh zameen hamari” will no longer work: Yogi

Playa Grazi: Uttar Pradesh’s Prime Minister Yogia Ditianas said on Sunday that the Samajwadi Party’s mottos jo zameen khaali, woh zameen hamari (vacant lots are our land) no longer work, and free homes are free land. He added that it was built in. Mafia and criminal management.

The Prime Minister performed “Bhoomi Puja” and laid the cornerstone of the house of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (city) in Prayagraj.

“The Samajwadi Party’s motto,” Jozameenkhali, woh zameen hamari, “doesn’t work anymore. In previous governments, the wealth of the poor and businessmen was deprived. Poor people were deprived of the benefits of government plans and were forced to watch over them as mere spectators. But today, the government operates bulldozers against the illegal wealth of “professional” mafia and criminals. Free homes for the poor are being built on land free from their control, “Aditianas told the audience.

He added: “Previously, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had funded the state government, but it was robbed by a small number of selected people. Money for food, toilets, housing, etc. for the poor was previously Robbed by the government of. There was no money for development, there was no interest shown by the previous government in this regard. SP officials were talking about “Samajiwadi perfume” .. On this, the President of our state, BJP, said that this was not a perfume, but a “smell of samajiwadi.” But yesterday, 257 rupees and kilograms of gold and silver were recovered from the wall. This is the money of the poor, and under our government no one has the boldness to rob the wealth of the poor, businessmen, and younger generations. “

He emphasized the success of his government in the public welfare, stating: Over 20,000 rupees of rural families were given toilets. Community toilets are made of all Gram Panchayato. Under the Jan Arogya scheme, 5 rupees of free insurance is provided to the poor. Highways have been built somewhere, and airports and waterways have been built somewhere. Free coaching, smartphones and tablets are also provided to young people. “

He said that the 2019 Kumbafair under the BJP rules had cleanliness, safety and order, while the ones held in 2013 under the SP rules were characterized by dirt, crowd accidents and disorder. Said that.

Adityanath says efforts are underway to make Prayagraj the “capital of law” of the country by establishing a national law university named after Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first independent president of India. rice field.

The Prime Minister said other political leaders were in “home quarantine” while the center’s BJP government, state and its workers were busy serving the public during the COVID-19 pandemic. “They were busy spreading false information and fear. They blamed the vaccine, but under the leadership of Modiji, free tests, treatments, edible grains and vaccines were provided to people.” He added.

He praised the announcement that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will begin vaccination of children aged 15-18 years and will provide vaccines to healthcare workers, frontline workers, and people over the age of 60 with comorbidities. He urged the public to pay attention and follow the COVID protocol and appropriate actions.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on Saturday three major decisions in the fight against the disease, including the start of vaccination of children aged 15-18 years from January 3rd.

“Vaccination will begin in the country from January 3, 2022 for children between the ages of 15 and 18,” he said.

“The government has decided to start vaccination of medical and front-line workers from 10 January 2022. Citizens over the age of 60 facing comorbidities will be advised by doctors. There is an option to get vaccinated based on. “He added.

A poll of the Uttar Pradesh State Assembly is scheduled for next year.

https://www.siasat.com/sps-motto-of-jo-zameen-khali-woh-zameen-hamari-will-not-work-anymore-yogi-2248514/ The SP motto “jozameenkhali, woh zameen hamari” will no longer work: Yogi

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