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The speaker rejects the call to quit and blows up the enemy

Former MP Barrack opposes drawing a new “roadmap”

Ny BIzzak

Kuwait: Speaker of the House Marzouq Al-Ghanem was elected by a majority of parliament in the first round in response to opposition lawmakers’ call for resignation, which was “7, 9 and even 100 members. It will not be compromised by the group. ” “. After visiting MP Obaid Al-Wasmi on his return from a medical trip abroad, Mr. Ganem told reporters that he hoped that there would be no obstacles to Congress’s activities as in the previous term. ..

He said the dissolution of parliament was in the hands of HH Amir, but added that “in my view, things are better” and that interfering with parliamentary activities is a Kuwaiti citizen’s. He added that it was not useful for profit. Prime Minister Ganem also hoped that he would form a cabinet that would meet the wishes of the Kuwaiti people, adding that if a new government is formed this week, parliament will resume its session on January 4.

Regarding the opposition lawmaker’s call for the resignation of Mr. Ganem and the prime minister, the speaker said, “Everyone is right to say what they like, but I think it has nothing to do with the Constitution or anyone who respects the Constitution.” .. “The Speaker of Parliament was elected by Kuwait, not China, with the overwhelming popularity of support that cannot be defeated at 7, 9, or even 100 MP. Despite the intervention of a public fund thief, the Speaker of Parliament I was elected. “

Meanwhile, former parliamentarian and opposition leader Musaram al-Barak, who recently returned from exile in Turkey, said yesterday that he is working to invite 31 parliamentarians to the meeting to draw a roadmap for the future. He said the opposition political group’s plans should include approval of some urgent bills for political reform and the interests of the people.

MP Hamdan Al Azemi yesterday asked the Finance Minister if Iraq paid the final compensation as a result of the invasion of Kuwait in 1990. Dollar compensation imposed by the UN Security Council for damages caused by Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. Parliamentarians also asked the minister if Kuwait had financed Iraq in the last two decades, and if so, what its value was.

https://news.kuwaittimes.net/website/speaker-rejects-calls-to-quit-blasts-opponents/ The speaker rejects the call to quit and blows up the enemy

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