The State Council stipulates university police in its constitution

The Plenary Session of the State Council decided on Wednesday that university police, consisting of special guards, would not violate the principles of academic freedom and the complete autonomy of higher education institutions.

According to the announcement, it was unanimously ruled that “the provisions of Law 4777/2021 do not indicate that individual liberty is at stake.”

The overall reason for the ruling is “public interest.”

The judge said: Of university staff and property deemed inconvenient by legislators to serve these objectives. “

Despite the reaction of scholars, the conservative government will establish special police to protect the university from damages, occupation by anti-authoritative groups, and to stop access by people unrelated to the institution. I decided.

The government will continue to deploy riot police at universities like Thessaloniki on Tuesday until a new police force is established.

riot police While the students were in class, they launched an attack in the Faculty of Science building. The main amphitheater was filled with tear gas, and the frightened students tried to escape.

Video of a riot police entering a building, firing tear gas and dragging an injured student outside.

The riot police were deployed after a group of rebels hammered down a new library in the area of ​​the university previously occupied by them.

Σύγκλητος ΑΠΘ: Νατιμωρηθούνοιδράστες της επίθεσης –Ξεκινούνάμεσαεργασίες αποκατάστασ

The clash between the riot police and the students continued until the end of Tuesday and until Wednesday morning.

* Thumbnail image is a drag of a student on Tuesday. The State Council stipulates university police in its constitution

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