The Supreme Court says masks and hand disinfection are unconstitutional

Ljubljana-The Constitutional Court has added Maskmandate, introduced by the previous government in a public space closed in 2020, to the list of epidemic-related unconstitutional measures.

Considering legislation requiring protective masks and hand disinfection in closed public spaces, the Supreme Court said on Monday that it violated the general freedom of action secured by the Constitution.

While the court agrees that the government has a constitutional obligation to protect human health and life, including disrupting human rights and fundamental freedoms, such measures are clearly legislative. Said that the rationale for this is necessary.

“It also has an obligation to protect human health and life in a way that respects the principles of democracy, the rule of law, and the principle of separation of powers,” the court wrote after a 6: 3 vote on this issue. ..

The action was lifted while the court was deliberating the case, but the court also raised the issue of setting a particularly important precedent for the Constitution of a systematic nature, which may be relevant again. An event of worsening epidemic conditions that stated that it had decided to make a ruling because of. “

This decision will be made after the Supreme Court has also dismissed it as an unconstitutional clause limiting movement and assembly during the epidemic. In addition, the government failed to establish a legal basis for ensuring that the provisions for personal data collection, business operations restrictions, and compulsory distance learning to determine Covid Pass compliance were incorrect. Said. The Supreme Court says masks and hand disinfection are unconstitutional

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