The terrace of Sitges returns to the pre-pandemic dimension

Since the outbreak of the Covid Pandemic more than two years ago, the extra space allowed on the terraces of bars and restaurants in Sitges is finally over.

City council legislation came into force last Monday, eliminating the possibility of local bars and restaurants occupying extra space on the street as compensation for capacity limits and losses caused by Covid’s limits. City legislation stipulates that “extensions are no longer permitted and the adjacent façade cannot be occupied.”

The council’s decision was finally agreed with the hospitality department. The local government’s original intention was to eliminate the extra space that would apply in February, when capacity limits were still in place. However, due to complaints from the sector, the parties finally agreed that the measure would come into effect in May. Currently, there are no Covid restrictions or restrictions in bars and restaurants.

The council calls for the expansion of bars and restaurants that have acquired outdoor seating space in the last two years by investigating and assessing each case that may be permitted after increasing payments for the occupation of public roads. We will continue to provide opportunities.

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