The Texas Commission has rejected a bid to call slavery “involuntary relocation” in elementary school classes.


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Slavery is certainly a very delicate topic in the United States, and views on slavery continue to divide the country 160 years after its abolition. The public education system has recently become highly politicized, with legislators passing legislation governing how schools across the United States should teach race and slavery.

A group of Texas educators suggested to the Texas Board of Education that slavery should be taught as “involuntary relocation” during sophomore social education, but board members said. I asked him to rethink the term Texas Tribune. report On thursday.

“The Board has unanimously instructed the workgroup to reconsider that particular language,” Keven Ellis, chair of the Texas Board of Education, said in a statement.

Slavery is currently not covered in sophomore social studies classes, and the work on curriculum changes is “aimed to address that shortfall.”

According to the report, there are several such groups advising the State Board of Education to reform the curriculum, one of which is a professor at the University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley. Is reported.

A year after lawmakers approved a law prohibiting students from being “uncomfortable” with discussions in Texas schools, the Board will consider a new social studies curriculum this summer. According to the publication, the board will vote for final approval of the curriculum in November.

Harvard University Allocates $ 100 Million to Legacy of Slavery Fund

During a meeting where the changes were discussed, Aicha Davis, a Democratic board member in Dallas and Fort Worth, expressed concern to the board, claiming that the phrase did not provide a “fair expression” of the slave trade. It has been reported.

According to the report, the draft work was returned to the group for editing when they learned of the terms used in the planned curriculum.

“For K-2, carefully examine the language used to describe the event, especially the term” involuntary relocation, “” the state commission reportedly wrote in a memo to educators. increase.

copy of Texas Senate Bill 3Laws regulating how slavery and racial issues are taught in the state have been reportedly sent to groups proposing these adjustments to the sophomore curriculum.

According to the law, slavery is only a deviation from American principles and cannot be taught as a core element of America’s founding.

Irish immigrants and Africa’s “relocation”

Students “Compare trips to the United States, including voluntary colonial Irish immigrants and non-voluntary African immigrants.” According to one of the proposed social studies curriculum requirements.

However, many scholars have raised concerns that replacement of such concepts is absolutely unnecessary, as historical facts should be taught. outlet.

A new social studies curriculum is being developed in Texas. This process takes place approximately every 10 years to renew what students at 8,866 public schools in Texas have to learn.

And as both Governor Greg Abbott and Vice Governor Dan Patrick ran for reelection in November, they made custody the primary concern of public debate.Patrick also promised to work on adoption “Don’t say gay”-Texas-type law, reflecting efforts to limit discussions in Florida LGBTQ people In the classroom.
The State Board of Education has the final say on whether to accept or reject drafts submitted by numerous groups.To Agency website, A specific draft of the new curriculum standard has been posted, but it has not been posted. The Texas Commission has rejected a bid to call slavery “involuntary relocation” in elementary school classes.

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