The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Biden administration allowed the “stay in Mexico” policy to end.

Washington (Sputnik)-The Biden administration has been empowered to end the “stay in Mexico” policy of the Trump era, and non-Mexico citizens who cross the border into the United States need to stay in Mexico during the removal process. I have. The court said Thursday.

The legal issues filed in court in this case were whether the Biden administration’s decision to revoke the Immigration Protection Protocol (MPP) violated the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), and the effective final body of the Department of Homeland Security. It was whether it was a measure. Security (DHS).

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States, including Texas and Missouri, have filed proceedings to challenge the revocation of the MPP, alleging that the decision violates the INA and the Administrative Procedure Act. The district court and the Court of Appeals initially ruled in favor of the state against the Biden administration.

“For the reasons explained, the government’s revocation of the MPP did not violate Section 1225 of the INA, and the Memorandum of Understanding on October 29 constituted the final proceedings of the institution, thus overturning the Court of Appeals’ decision. Opinion. “

Judge Samuel Alito, Judge Clarence Thomas, and Judge Neil Gorsuch have disagreed, arguing that the Biden administration has no legal alternative to this policy and must continue to enforce the rule. Did.

“according to Huge number of aliens No one suggests that the DHS trying to enter illegally from Mexico does not have the ability to detain all the unacceptable aliens encountered at the border and that the DHS must do what is impossible. Hmm. However, the DHS may waive its option altogether, rather than taking advantage of Parliament’s explicit statutory alternative to return unauthorized aliens to Mexico while waiting for proceedings in the country. I concluded. Simply release to this country If you attend a removal hearing, the number of aliens that are very likely to be removed is immeasurable. “
In this March 21, 2021 file photo, an agent of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection is looking near the gate of the U.S.-Mexico border wall while detaining immigrants in Abram Perezville, Texas. increase. -Sputnik International, 1920, 29.06.2022

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The ruling is at the end of the Supreme Court’s opinion “issue date” for the rest of the summer, Judge Stephen Breyer’s tenure on the bench..

At the Summit of the Americas, in early June, U.S. President Joe Biden sent $ 645 million to Latin America to help address issues, including what the President called “Historical Refugee and Migration Flow.” Announced that it will provide the above funds. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Biden administration allowed the “stay in Mexico” policy to end.

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