The Ukrainian embassy has accused the planned Athens convoy “against anti-Russian and racist”

[Ukraine Embassy Facebook account]

The Ukrainian embassy in Athens has expressed concern “against anti-Russianism and racism” about the planned motor parade in Athens on Sunday afternoon, calling for a de facto ban on it.

According to the information available, Motorcade begins near the former Fixed Beer Factory, now near the Museum of Modern Art in Syntagma Square, and returns to Syntagma Square.

The full announcement by the embassy posted in Greek, English and Ukrainian on the Facebook account is as follows:

“Comments from the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Greece

We are deeply concerned about holding a so-called motor rally in Athens on April 3rd at 6 pm “against anti-Russian and racist”.

It cannot be blamed that Ukraine is suppressing democracy and its basic principles, especially the right to free speech and the right to peaceful gatherings and demonstrations. The 2004 and 2013-2014 revolutions underscore our commitment to the principles of democracy. And since February 24, 2022, in the name of the progressive world as a whole, Ukraine has fought the way of promoting the barbaric nation (its) known far beyond its borders. (A) It is no coincidence that many European countries, including Greece, have decided to shut down Russian television channels as a source of disinformation or disinformation.

Even today, Russia’s widespread, perhaps unfortunate or discriminated Russian story is, in fact, deliberately distracting European society from the criminal war against Ukraine by Putin and his inner circle. It is an attempt. But it is not only the Kremlin’s master, but also the Russian soldiers and officers with 90% support (!!!) of the invaders (national) society, and the support of most Russians living abroad, literally this. The exact moment kills Ukrainian citizens and does not show mercy to children (or) the elderly. Homes, kindergartens and hospitals are intentionally targeted and destroyed. A stingy (competent) Russian “liberator” is robbing Ukraine’s home and raping women and girls.

Peaceful Mariupol was abandoned in a few weeks of low-density “special operations.” According to official figures, more than 3,000 people were killed, but in reality tens of thousands of innocent people were killed. They were not simply released from the blockades, according to the best practices of the Nazis of World War II. city.

(S) A similar “peaceful” moto demonstration in Germany the other day has been transformed into a demonstration of dedication to the “Russian world” and support for Putin’s policies. During the demonstration, less afraid and less unhappy Russians roamed the streets of German cities with the Russian flag and Georgian ribbon, a symbol of the Crimean merger attempt.

In our understanding, it is clearly unacceptable to hold such an event while Russian troops and mercenaries continue to destroy Ukrainian cities and kill Ukrainian people.

We are that the words democracy, European values ​​and human life are not empty words, but the values ​​you once fought, and the Ukrainian people are now fighting at the expense of their lives. Call on all conscious people Do everything possible to prevent such an event from happening in Athens, the birthplace of democracy! “ The Ukrainian embassy has accused the planned Athens convoy “against anti-Russian and racist”

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