The ultimate guide to getting a work permit in Sweden

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The minimum wage for work permits will be increased to the Swedish average salary level. This is currently 33,200 kronor and means that the measure will significantly reduce the number of migrant workers coming to Sweden. The current minimum wage for work permit applicants is 13,000 kronor per month before taxes.

The parties will also consider developing special possibilities for PhD and researcher residency. This will be a welcome move for many international students affected by the immigration law for PhD holders and researchers introduced last July.

The new government will also consider that EU citizens will have to register again if they stay in Sweden for more than three months.


The parties intend to strengthen the asylum law to the “minimum level” permitted under European Union law or other international treaties to which Sweden is a signatory, with a view to passing the new law next spring. There will be investigations into changes to asylum and immigration laws that have been initiated. in Congress before the mandate ends in 2026.

Swedish Democratic Party leader Jimmy Okesson said at a press conference that the deal represented a “paradigm shift” in immigration policy.

The new legislation and its preparations include:

  • Analysis of how asylum processing “transit zones” have been implemented in other “EU countries and other equivalent countries”.
  • Investigate whether asylum seekers can be accommodated in transit centers while their asylum claims are processed and analyze whether such centers are possible under the European Convention on Human Rights and the Swedish Constitution.
  • The investigation will explore where such transit centers need to be established and under whose control (although not mentioned in the contract, this could be the case for such overseas processing centers). seems to be about the possibility Denmark is about to settle in Rwanda or another third country).
  • We will consider withdrawing residency for asylum seekers, or people with “alternative protection”.
  • Consider abolishing permanent residency as a concept under Swedish law in favor of temporary residency permits (it is not clear if this only applies to asylum seekers).
  • Reduce the scope of family reunions for people residing in Sweden to the minimum range of relatives permitted by EU law. This includes a spouse, domestic partner, registered partner, and her children under the age of 18. Adult children, parents, grandparents, siblings and all other relatives are excluded.


The Swedish Democratic Party’s proposal to extend the time it takes to qualify for citizenship is also reflected in this policy document, with the current limit being five years (three years for spouses or domestic partners of Swedish citizens). extended to eight years. case”.

It is not clear what exceptions will be made to citizenship applications and whether waiting times will be reduced for those married to a Swedish person or for those with Swedish children.

The parties also want to launch an inquiry into stricter requirements for citizens to acquire knowledge of Swedish culture and society. They did not specifically mention the introduction of language or cultural tests, but these may be introduced if knowledge requirements are deemed necessary.

In addition to this, they would like to introduce a requirement that anyone applying for Swedish citizenship be financially independent, but no mention of how much an applicant would need to meet this requirement. I have not.

They will also explore the possibility of introducing new mandatory ceremonies such as the “Pledge of Allegiance” and citizenship interviews that serve as the final stage in the citizenship process.

Finally, they want to consider the possibility of depriving dual nationals who commit “system-threatening crimes” or who were granted citizenship on a false premise. .

return migration

otel bundling, or “returning migrants” was also included in the policy document, with States parties committing to study laws developed in other countries to facilitate the return of migrants to their countries of origin.

Sweden already offers Subsidies for refugees who wish to return homebut the parties have extended this to include analyzing the possibility of providing economic incentives to immigrants to encourage them to return home, and how Sweden can coordinate with the destination country. I would like to consider doing so.

It is not clear whether these economic incentives are offered only to refugees or apply to all Swedish immigrants.

Finally, through a socio-economic analysis of integration, both parties wish to establish ‘what conditions should be the basis for receiving support for returning migrants’. The ultimate guide to getting a work permit in Sweden

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