The unanimously approved Femicide bill clears all parliamentary hurdles

A bill to add the concept of femicide to Malta’s legal structure as exacerbating crimes against murder was unanimously approved by Parliament.

The bill was approved during the third reading phase on Monday. This means that currently only the signature of President George Vella needs to be enacted.

The bill will be amended at the committee stage and the practitioner of femicide can be male, female or anyone else.

This problem first Malta independent on SundaySaid that the legislation could be discriminatory, as legal experts, including former human rights judge Giovanni Bonello, stipulate that feminides can only be committed by men. Stated.

This issue was subsequently raised in parliament by members of parliament. Justice Minister Edward Zamit Lewis argued that the law was not discriminatory, but his successor, Jonathan Attard, accepted the proposal for clarification and submitted an amendment to the bill.

Under the new law, the victim must be a woman in order for the murder to be considered feminide, and she must have been killed because she was a woman. This includes domestic violence, honor killings, abusive intentions, religious practices such as genital mutilation, and murder as a result of sexual abuse.

Justification of “affair crimes” – What lawyers often use to give milder punishment to perpetrators when judges decide punishment in the case of femicide is no longer an acceptable factor. Is not considered.

The bill was submitted to the final parliament in response to the killing of Polish student Paulina Denbuska, who was raped and killed in Sliema earlier this year. Parliament was dissolved for a general election before the bill was passed, but it was reorganized when a new legislature began.

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