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The United Nations is “fearing” the death and burning of dozens of Myanmar citizens

“At least 35 people, including at least one child, were driven out of the car, killed and burned, according to credible reports,” UN Humanitarian Director Martin Griffiths said in eastern Kaya. It demands a transparent investigation into the slaughter.

On December 25, 2021, people fleeing to fight the army and Kayin’s rebels are lined up to receive food at temporary accommodation for internally displaced persons in Kayin State. (AFP)

The United Nations has called on the government to begin an investigation, saying it was “terrifying” in a credible report that at least 35 civilians were killed and their bodies burned down in Myanmar.

UN Under-Secretary-General Martin Griffiths said in a statement on Sunday that he “condemns this tragic event and all attacks on civilians across the country.”

He called for a “thorough and transparent investigation.”

Two workers from the nonprofit Save the Children remain missing after their car was among the few burned in the eastern Kayah state.

Surveillance groups and local media have accused the attack on the military regime.

The “People’s Defense Force” (PDF) has emerged nationwide to fight the junta, drawing troops into a bloody stalemate of clashes and retaliation.

On Saturday, a photo of two burnt-out trucks and a car with burnt bodies inside was posted on social media on the Hpruso Township Highway in Kayah State.

Members of a local PDF group said the fighters found the fighters on Saturday morning after hearing that the military had stopped several vehicles at Hpruso after colliding with a nearby fighter on Friday.

“When I went to investigate the area this morning, two trucks were burning dead bodies. 27 dead bodies were found,” he told AFP on Saturday, subject to anonymity.

“27 skulls were found,” said another witness who didn’t want to be named. He said there were other corpses that couldn’t be counted.

Save the Children said two Myanmar staff members were “engaged” in the incident late Saturday and went missing.

“Suspicious method”

Charities said in a statement that they had returned home after conducting humanitarian activities in the area, and then stopped working in some areas.

Myanmar’s junta previously said its troops were attacked by Hpruso on Friday after trying to stop seven cars driving “in a suspicious way.”

The army killed many in the next clash, spokesman Zaw Min Tun told AFP without giving details.

Myanmar witness monitors said they had confirmed local media reports and witness reports from local fighters.

Satellite data also added that it showed that a fire broke out at Hpruso around 1 pm Friday (Greenwich Mean Time 0630).

AFP was unable to confirm reports surrounding the clash, but AFP digital verification reporters said images claiming to show the incident had not been displayed online until Friday evening.

According to analysts, the PDF group is amazed at the effectiveness of the army as it struggles to break resistance to its dominance.

Source: AFP

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